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Signal 2016


Signal is a 2016 drama that is a combination of several genres including mystery, thriller, crime, with a hint of fantasy. What made it so captivating is the fact that the cases used in the series were based on actual crimes and tragedies that occured in South Korea.

The story starts when Park Hae-young (Lee Je-hoon) accidentally finds an old walkie-talkie, without any battery in it. But strangely, the walkie-talkie can still be used. Through the walkie-talkie, Park Hae-young was able to communicate with a detective Lee Jae-han (Cho Jin-woong) in 1989. He was one of the senior police officers at that time.

It turns out, the walkie talkie now in Park Hae-young’s possession was Lee Jae-han’s own. He accidentally found it when it was about to be disposed of when it suddenly made the sound of Lee Jae-han’s voice. Besides turning on without any batteries, what’s even stranger is that Park Hae-young heard Lee Jae-han’s voice in 2015, but Lee Jae-han is sure that he is in 2000.

This unusual correspondence, that’s only limited to a few minutes each day, opens a can of worms. Now with the power of foresight and hindsight, Park Hae-young and Lee Jae-han, along with Cha Soo-hyun (Kim Hye-soo), are in a race against time to solve crimes or prevent them from happening. However, they will learn along the way that changing certain elements in the past can have dire consequences in the future.



This drama is about a septuagenarian retired postman named Shim Deok-chul (Park In-hwan) and his life-long dream of performing Swan Lake on stage. Though his goal is simple enough, he had to face several challenges along the way.

First, he encountered an instructor who doesn’t take him seriously and doesn’t give him a chance. Second, his family was not on board with his plan. Lastly, he may not be able to fulfill his dream before his Alzheimer’s advance eventually making him unable to do so.

Meanwhile, Lee Chae-rok (Song Kang), is a 23-year-old man who is involved in different sports like baseball, swimming, and soccer, but he wasn’t talented in any of them. He then finds interest in ballet. His mother was a ballet dancer, but she succumbed to a disease when Lee Chae-rok was young. His father later went bankrupt. This left Lee Chae-rok in a bind because it’s becoming difficult for him to support himself and his love for ballet. Going through hard times, his desire for ballet fades away. At this time, Shim Deok-chul appears in front of him.

The two develop an unlikely friendship as they pursue a common love for ballet, but learning more about life along the way.



This thriller Korean drama revolves around Park Joo-hyung (Song Joong-ki). He was brought to Italy at the age of eight after being adopted by an Italian family. He then went on to become the adopted son of the late Don Fabio Cassano, the patriarch of a mafia family. Park Joo-hyung is subsequently renamed Vincenzo Cassano, now an Italian lawyer and a trusted adviser by Don Fabio—practically his right-hand man.

However, after the big boss dies, his biological son, Paolo takes his place. It seems that he always had an axe to grind against Vincenzo, so he attempted to kill him only to be outsmarted. This encounter pushed Vincenzo to flee back to Seoul. He plans to recover 1.5 tons of gold that he stashed away in the basement of Geumga Plaza for a Chinese tycoon which he learned got recently deceased

Unfortunately for Vincenzo, a real estate company under Babel Group has illegally taken ownership of the building and Vincenzo must use his skills to reclaim the building in order to recover the hidden treasure lying underneath. He also meets interesting characters that will also amusingly derail his plans.

This retrieval operation, that only Vincenzo and his trusted confidant is aware of, sends viewers into a tumultuous journey from the very first episode. The entertainment value of the lead character’s struggle and other subplots in the series made it one of the most successful K-dramas of the year.

I Wanna Hear Your Song

I Wanna Hear Your Song

“I Wanna Hear Your Song” is a mystery romantic comedy about a timpanist Hong Yi-young and suspicious tone-deaf pianist Jang Yoon. Yi Young suffers from insomnia after getting traumatized by what happened on ‘the day’ and comes across Yoon who helps her remember. They try to put Yi Young’s forgotten memories together and the truth about the murder case that traumatized Yi Young.

Welcome To Waikiki 2

Welcome to Waikiki 2

After carving successful careers in their respective fields, the previous owners of Waikiki have left except for Lee Joon-ki. While he struggles with his career, he tries to revive the guest house which is now on the brink of bankruptcy with the help of some high-school friends.

Her Private Life

Her Private Life

Her Private Life is a sneak peek into the life of a *secret* fangirl. Sung Deok-mi, is a full-time art curator who holds a secret obsession with a K-pop boy band member. However, her borderline fangirling brought her to cross paths with a man who she just might be open to risk sharing her private life with.

Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung

Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung

Goo Hae Ryung worked as a historian in the 19th century, which was a profession that wasn’t usually assumed by women. Female historians were generally looked down upon in this era because of their gender. However, Goo Hae Ryung doesn’t fall short of her duties, and soon finds herself involved with Prince Lee Rim.

Sound Of Your Heart

The Sound of Your Heart

“The Sound of Your Heart” comically follows Jo Seok’s ridiculous but hilarious adventures with his girlfriend-turned-wife Ae Bong, his parents, his older brother Jo Joon, and also their dogs.

Touch Your Heart

Touch Your Heart

An actress who has fallen from grace due to a scandal is out of work and she now has to work extra hard to land a role in a major TV series. To prepare for the character, she agrees to work as a secretary at a law firm where she is hired by a prickly and stoic lawyer. Little did they know that this chance meeting will evolve into something deeper.

Weighlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo

Kim Bok-joo is a gifted weightlifter who is chasing her dream of making it up to the pros. When she came across her childhood friend, Jung Joon-hyung, they developed a friendship which grew into something deeper. This becomes an integral part of Bok-joo’s coming-of-age experience.

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