Hello, My Twenties is a coming-of-age story that revolved around five college students, Yu Eun-Jae, Jung Ye-Eun, Kang Yi-Na, Yoon Jin-Myung and Song Ji-Won, who live in a shared house called Belle Epoque. 

Yu Eun-Jae, is the newcomer who is struggling to adapt to the whole new environment. Compared to other girls she is very shy. Jung Ye-Eun has a boyfriend who doesn’t really love her like the way she loves him. Kang Yi-Na is the “It girl”, oozing with confidence which keeps her dating life busy. Everyone at Belle Epoque assumed that she was born in a rich family as she is swathed in luxuries. On the other hand, Jin-Myung has to work every day taking different part-time jobs so she can make ends meet. This left her with no time for herself. Ji-Won is a young woman who is always on-the-go and is keen to look for a boyfriend. 

Episode List:

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Main Cast:

han ye ri
Han Ye-ri (Yoon Jin-myung) Main Role
ji woo
Ji Woo (Yoo Eun-jae) Main Role
han seung yeon
Han Seung-yeon (Jung Ye-eun) Main Role
Park Eun Bin 400x400
Park Eun-bin (Song Ji-won) Main Role
ryu hwa young
Ryu Hwa-young (Kang Yi-na) Main Role
park hye su
Park Hye-su (Yoo Eun-jae) Main Role
jo eun
Jo Eun (Choi Ara) Main Role

Show Details:

First Episode Release : July 22, 2016
Youth Drama Romance
Number of Seasons : 2
Number of Episodes : 26
Publisher : JTBC
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