12 k dramas you can enjoy with your parents

12 K-Dramas You Can Enjoy With Your Parents

Why do you have to keep on fighting over the remote, when there are k-dramas that you can enjoy with everyone at home? Here’s a quick run-down on the different series that even the parentals would find entertaining! 

Reply 1988

reply 1988

“Reply 1988” is one of the most well-loved family-friendly classics that stars Lee Hye-ri, Ryu Jun-yeol, Go Kyung-pyo, Park Bo-gum and Lee Dong-hwi. The story takes a nostalgic look back at 1988 as it follows the lives of 5 families living on the same street in a neighborhood called Ssangmundong in Seoul. This drama is partly based on a true story about one of its characters. Park Bo Gum’s role was derived from the life of Lee Chang Ho, who is an excellent Baduk player who won many local and international Baduk tournaments. But beyond that, the series portrays a moving portrayal of love, family, and friendship that pushed it to outshine its predecessors. It highlights the interesting relationship between friends, families, neighbors, and everyone, at a time where life was way more simple. 

My Father is Strange 

my father is strange

“Father Is Strange” is a family drama that surprisingly brought in strong ratings on its first episode. It was winning over a lot of viewers because it was a lighthearted story that revolved around relatable topics. The story revolved around Yeong Sil and Han Soo and their kids, ​​Mi Yeong, Hye Yeong, Ra Yeong, and Joon Yeong. On the outside, they seem like any average family in Seoul facing typical problems. But things took an interesting turn when Jung Hui, an actor and a former K-pop idol ended up at their doorstep claiming that Han Soo is his biological father. Everybody was in for a lot of adjustments as Jung Hui came to live with them. But will this strange new arrangement work out? That’s the premise of the story, which unfolds with family issues that may be familiar to everyone. 

My Unfamiliar Family 

my unfamiliar family

One of the sad parts of growing up is that as we get older, the less time we spend with our family. With the responsibilities of adulthood, we are led to live separate lives, away from our inner circle. As we meet and come to know friends with whom we share time, feelings, and even our deepest secrets, our own family ends up becoming strangers. In this tvN drama, the family, which is the center of the story, seems to be successful on the surface. However, individual members have become so used to keeping secrets and holding grudges more than they’ve shown love. These fine cracks in their dynamic start to shake their foundation when the mother confesses that she wants to leave the marriage and start a new life. This pushed everyone to examine the past, confront their issues, and make some changes. 

All About My Mom 

all about my mom

The story is about Jin Ae and the love-hate relationship she has with her mother, San Ok. She dreamt of becoming independent from her family, especially from her mom. So when she married Hoon Jae, she thought it was the escape she always wanted. Little did she know that what awaits her is her new mother-in-law. She realized that life is not what she expected. Having to deal with her mother-in-law was no walk in the park. Her current situation and struggles made her start to understand her own mom for the first time. 

Once Again

once again

If you are looking for a lengthy drama to bond over, this one’s for you. It comes with many characters each with their own relatable life struggles. What you will love about this drama is that there’s no antagonist, but just real people who are struggling to go by and striving to reach their dreams. The plot revolves around a family with four siblings, all of which are divorcees, and they chose to go back to their parent’s house. What would have been a happy reunion only invited chaos. But this story will show viewers the power of love and how it can change everything. So get on a rollercoaster of emotions with the fam as you sit and enjoy each exciting episode and the challenges the characters face. 

Brilliant Heritage

brilliant heritage

This drama is about Boo Young Bae who is the owner of an 80-year-old Pyongyang cold noodle restaurant. Now that he is in his twilight years, he’s already dealing with some health scares which inevitably triggered some bickering among his children as they quarrel over his wealth. He felt betrayed by their behavior, so he decided to marry Gong Gye Ok, a 33-year-old who was drawn to the family’s big fortune. This move shocked his sons, but their old man came to realize that his new wife actually has a knack for business. She could very well take over his noodle restaurant if ever the time comes for him to kick the bucket. However, one of Yong Bae’s sons, Bool Seol Ak, is not interested in his father’s wealth and the family drama, but his dislike for Gye Ok pushed him to get involved. 

Never Twice 

never twice 1

The story starts in an old inn in the heart of Seoul.  be old, discolored, and weathered, but Nakwon Inn exudes old-world charms. As the typical cold uneventful winter comes to an end at the inn, guests start to arrive one by one as if each had promised to be present. Strangely and coincidentally, each one of them repeats Never Twice as they enter. The truth is, they all have a fateful reason to be there. What could have brought these individuals together? And what do they all have in common considering their long-term stay, assigned room numbers, gender, age, and hometown? The real reason for coming to Nakwon Inn unfolds.

My Only One

my only one

In this 2018 drama, a woman’s life takes an unexpected turn when her biological father shows up after 28 years of absence. He took a great amount of effort hiding his identity all this time, worried that his past might tarnish his daughter’s future. Now that the truth comes to light, they try to patch things up and mend their broken past. Instead of showing good or bad characters, this drama plays out the lives and struggles of ordinary people who make sacrifices for their happiness and for those they love. 

18 Again

18 again

18 Again is a drama that is loosely based on the 2009 film 17 Again, which starred Zac Efron. The story is about a struggling father who is given a second chance to solve his family’s problems and mend the strained relationships with his wife and children. But instead of going back in time, he morphs into his younger body, while maintaining his adult mentality. He does what he can to correct his wrongs, despite his unusual circumstances. But will it be enough to turn things around? This series injects humor and drama in the right doses, creating 16 episodes of heartwarming entertainment the family can enjoy!

Racket Boys 

racket boys

This series tells a slice-of-life story that revolves around a boy’s badminton team from a middle school in one of the rural towns in South Korea. It takes you on an engaging ride as they try to face the big city teams. Yoon Hyun Jong was once an excellent badminton player, but that was not enough to put food on the table. So, he agreed to coach a middle school team, only to find out that they are on the verge of getting sacked for good. But he worked on them and together they started to soar to new heights. Even for those without any inclination towards sports, the story can keep you hooked and engaged. The characters, their arcs, and the story progression were enough to keep everyone in the family entertained. 

Hospital Playlist

hospital playlist

If you’re looking for a medical-themed drama that everyone in the room can relate to, Hospital Playlist fits the bill. It tackles the different life stories and struggles of five doctors who also happen to be bestfriends since medical school. If you’re a fan of Grey’s Anatomy or ER, this one sways from the usual format, hence it’s an occasional break from those high-key medical traumas. It also has some catchy tunes performed by the lead characters themselves, as they are also part of a band they formed as a way to unwind. Hospital Playlist is one of those series that brings comfort and joy, a good series to bond over!

Rich Family’s Son 

rich familys son

Lee Gwang Jae (Kim Ji Hoon) is a chaebol who has grown to be immature. So when his father died and left behind huge debts, he had no clue what to do about it. But for his father’s honor, he strived to pay it off. He realizes that he is not alone in this unfamiliar and difficult journey, as he finds support from a dauntless girl. This story shows that we can overcome life’s difficulties when courage and true love is there to pull us through. 

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