This romance-drama set in 1980 is set during the Gwangju Uprising which is the backdrop for the blossoming love story between medical student Hwang Hee Tae (Lee Do Hyun) and a nurse named Kim Myung Hee (Go Min Shi). They are both compassionate, smart, and serious, with similar views of the world. In the midst of the heated passion and cries for democracy that reverberated throughout Gwangju, their relationship will face some obstacles. Hee Tae and Myeong Hee found themselves entangled in significant events that are bound to change history. As the air of change is upon them, will the newfound romance between these lovers be enough to withstand the political chaos that is brewing?

Episode List:

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Main Cast:

lee do hyun
Lee Do-hyun (Hwang Hee-tae) Main Role
Go Min-si (Kim Myeong-hee) Main Role
Lee Sang-yi (Lee Soo-chan) Main Role
keum sae rok
Keum Sae-rok (Lee Soo-ryeon) Main Role

Show Details:

First Episode Release : May 3, 2021
Melodrama, Period Drama
Number of Seasons : 1
Number of Episodes : 12
Publisher : KBS2
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