About Dramakicks

Dramakicks is all about Korean Dramas. From reviews and recommendations, to K-Drama news, we want to write them all.

Stay tuned for updated recommended list of must-watch shows, as our editors watch them for you.

All of us here at Dramakicks love korean dramas. We watch, write, and then watch some more. If you have a passion for KDramas and would like to share your thoughts with our readers, do contact us at hello@dramakicks.com!

How Dramakicks Got Started

The idea for Dramakicks was conceived in 2019. A Kdrama fan wanted to have a website dedicated to Korean Dramas. In September 2019, Vinnie and OppaJon founded Dramakicks.com as the two of them found a common passion for Korean Dramas.

They built the site from ground up together with hopes that one day, Dramakicks.com will grow into the go-to site for like-minded fans to share and build a community that shares in this common interest. KDramas and the Korean Culture!

Who We Are

About Vinnie

Vinnie is the founder of Dramakicks. He likes watching movies and dramas since young, due to his family’s influence. One day in 2016, he came across a Korean drama on TV and was hooked by the storyline. The Kdrama was Brain (2011). It is in the medical genre. He likes anything with regards to the medical genre especially. He did not stop with this Korean medical drama. He researched further all the Korean medical dramas that are available and proceeds to watch them. Visiting South Korea for a holiday in 2017 makes him even more intrigued by Korean dramas and the Korean language. Due to his love for Korean dramas, he decides that he wants to build a site with regards to it and share his opinions regarding the dramas with other like-minded people.  

Oppajon Cartoon

About Oppajon

Oppajon is a founder and writer of Dramakicks. His first Korean show, My Sassy Girl (2001) and Korean Drama, Winter Sonata (2002) led him to watch many many others. His favourite genres are medical, law, crime, fantasy, historical, thrillers and romantic comedies – wait that’s basically everything, except outright horror.

His day job involves juggling around his boy, family and his digital marketing agency, watching korean and english tv series and games in his free time.

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