10 marriage themed k dramas that are worth watching

10 Marriage-Themed K-Dramas That Are Worth Watching

Marriage is such a complicated union that is subject to a lot of struggles, trials, and even interesting beginnings that make good TV. In the world of K-dramas, there are several good ones that are worth committing to. Here are ten that you should add to your watchlist!

Familiar Wife

familiar wife

This K-drama revolves around the challenges of a couple who had been married for five years. Eventually, they resented each other only because they lacked an open and honest conversation about their problems. Joo Hyuk (Ji Sung) and Woo Jin (Han Ji Min) were stretched thin trying to cope with the demands of their work, household chores, and family. They get so drained that all they have left for each other is anger. Their domestic life became so volatile, that the slightest mistakes can trigger big fights. It was no surprise that they eventually reached a point where the divorce was on the table. But even before it was filed, Joo Hyun suddenly returned to the past. Back to the days where he was single and had not met his wife. Is life giving him a second chance?

My Mister

my mister

The story predominantly revolves around Dong Hun whose life turned upside down when his wife Yoon Hee wants a divorce. He had no idea she was secretly cheating on him with a senior executive, named Joon Young at Dong Hun’s workplace. Even worse is that she wants to marry this man. As Dong Hun tries to grapple with this hard-hitting news, his jobless older brother, Sang Hoon also separates from his wife. Along with their younger brother who was a struggling movie director, they come together where drama eventually ensues. Eventually, Yoon Hee’s affair came to light. Heartbroken, can Dong Hun find healing after this betrayal?

Tomorrow With You

tomorrow with you

If you could avoid a doomed destiny by marrying someone you do not love, would you do it? That’s exactly what Yoo So Joon (Lee Je Hoon) was forced to do. He’s a successful CEO of a real estate company with a unique ability. He can go back in time when he takes the subway. As he goes back and forth in time, he sees a grim future for him. He saw that he spends his days wallowing in misery before his unfortunate death. Through these time-traveling adventures, he realizes that he has a mysterious connection with a woman whom he senses to be someone who would help him avoid this bleak future. Enter Song Ma Rin (Shin Min Ah), a cheerful and lively photographer who So Joon decides to marry, despite the fact that he doesn’t have feelings for her. But the more they open up to each other, they slowly have a change of heart. But will this marriage truly save So Joon’s future? Or did she come a little too late?

Matrimonial Chaos

matrimonial chaos

This 2018 rom-com asks if marriage is the completion of love. It shows how men and women have different views on love, marriage, and family. Jo Seok Moo (Cha Tae Hyun) is a picky and sensitive man who always thought that he chose the wrong path in life. Kang Hwi Roo (Bae Doona), on the other hand, is trying to get by in life so she earns her coin by running a guest house on the second floor of her house and working as a P.E. teacher. Both of them are polar opposites, but as they say, opposites do attract. But can marriage bring it full circle? Contrary to other dramas that delved into rocky marriages where the leads realized their root problems and worked hard to resolve them and save their marriage, Matrimonial chaos gave us a more realistic view of marriage and divorce. 

18 Again

18 again

After nearly two decades of marriage, Jung Da Jung (Kim Ha Neul) and Hong Dae Young (Yoon Sang Hyun) seem to settle with their domestic lives. They married quite young after an unexpected pregnancy, but now they’re proud parents of a pair of 18-year-old twins. Da Jung and Hong Dae are devoted to building a happy home, but what seemed to be an ideal life on the outside was actually a crumbling marriage. Both of them have built some resentment which eventually led Dae Young to file a divorce. Gutted by his wife’s decision to leave him, and utterly disappointed at how his life has turned out, he’s consumed with regret and anger. This led his body to instantly transform into that of his eighteen-year-old self, with a thirty-seven-year-old mind. He was suddenly given the chance for a do-over, but how can he do this when everything else is how it was? Can he still fix his marriage now that he’s given a chance to see life from a different perspective? 

World of the Married

The World Of The Married Kdrama Netflix

The drama is one that ticked off so many viewers, but it’s also the reason why it was a hit. It’s about a successful family medicine doctor, Ji Sun Woo (Kim Hee Ae) who is married to Lee Tae Oh ( Park Hae Joon), a budding director. They have a son together and a seemingly perfect married life, but unbeknownst to Sun Woo, his husband has been carrying on an affair with a younger woman. Even worse, her friends were aware of it too, but no one even dared to tell her. Her picture-perfect life starts to unravel with betrayal in every corner. With everything about their marriage and family in shambles, it sadly ends in a bitter divorce. Tae Oh then marries his mistress, but now that tables have turned, will he really turn a new leaf and become this faithful husband?

Go Back Couple 

go back couple

This drama is about second chances and do-overs. It asks the question: if you could go back in time to fix the most regrettable moments of your life, would you take that chance? The couple in this story was given that option. They met in college and got married, but having done so at such a young age came with certain challenges. It only built resentment which drew them further apart instead of making them stronger. When they were given the chance to turn back time, they wished to go back to the time where they first met, so they can avoid making the same mistakes. However, they missed considering that what they regretted the most was the best choice they ever made. Will resetting things be enough to make things right? Or will it only lead them to finally lose each other?

Fated to Love You

fated to love you

This story is about a quirky rich chaebol and a timid office worker who had a one-night stand that resulted in a pregnancy. Kim Mi Young (Jang Nara) and Lee Gun (Jang Hyuk) had lived their lives on totally different paths, but they were fated to meet each other. On Mi Young’s big break from her law firm, she bumped into Gun, who was planning to propose to his long-term girlfriend, Se Ra. However, he bumps into Mi Young a tad bit too hard, and their plans made a full 360 after Mi Young gets pregnant with Gun’s child. They go through rough patches in their accidental relationship, and their lives change even after they get married. Is it possible that some of the greatest love stories happen in the most unexpected meetings?

Emergency Couple

emergency couple

This story is about couples who marry for love only to fail due to the objections of their families. Chang Min (Choi Jin Hyuk) is a medical student who fell in love and married Jin Hee (Song Ji Hyo), who’s a dietitian. However, this wasn’t the fairytale ending they’d hope for. Chang Min’s family, who are all successful doctors, were against it. They cut him off, forcing him to drop out of medical school and work as a pharmaceutical sales rep. The pressure of Min’s family took a toll on their marriage and they ended up in divorce. After the pair separated, Chang Min returned to med school, while Jin Hee put herself through med school as well. Years later, their paths crossed again when they both started internships in the emergency department of a hospital. Can the couple survive this three-month rotation working alongside each other? Or can both find another chance at love the second time around?

Love ft. Marriage and Divorce

love ft marriage and divorce

This drama looks into the marriages and struggles of three couples who are in different stages in their lives. It reveals the different faces of betrayal caused by the husbands of three women who work in the same radio station. The series shows how marriage crumbles when a partner entertains a seemingly harmless attraction, constantly holds off on intimacy, and when you force the other person to change. The men in this drama pulled off their lies seamlessly without a hitch until it caught up with them. Their selfish choices not only hurt their marriage but their family life too. On the flip side, it also gives us a peek at how the other woman also suffers when they settle for this kind of relationship. This storyline may not be new, but it’s the way that it’s being told that makes it an interesting show. With a possible season 3 in the works, will these couples be able to fix their marriages that are in various stages of disarray?  

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