8 k dramas which starred everyone’s favorite eomma, kim mi kyung

8 K-Dramas Which Starred Everyone’s Favorite Eomma, Kim Mi Kyung

Kim Mi Kyung is one of the most recognizable faces in K-dramas today. Fans would have seen this veteran actress several times in Korean dramas, and many have been touched by her warm presence and portrayals as an eomma (mother). If you’re a fan of her work, here are some of the dramas you can find her in, which should be part of your next K-drama binge!

1.    It’s Okay To Not Be Okay (2020)

Kim Mi-kyung plays Kang Soon-deok in the 2020 romance drama It’s Okay to Not Be Okay. She plays the mother of the nurse Nam Ju-ri (Park Kyu-young) who works as a cook at OK Psychiatric Hospital. She’s also the landlady to Moon Gang-tae (Kim Soo-hyun) and Moon Sang-tae (Oh Jung-se), but she also dotes on them and even Ko Mun-yeong (Seo Ye-ji). She has been the most patient ahjumma to Sang-tae who has autism spectrum disorder (ASD). 

With her around, everyone gets comforted by having a parent figure who is always ready to treat them to a feast which not only filled their tummies, but also their hearts. On the series finale, Moon Sang-tae gave Soon-deok a copy of Ko Mun-yeong’s book that featured his illustrations. He placed a handwritten message which said: “Dear my fake, real mom. Thank you for all the delicious meals. I want to eat the food that you make every day. I really like you, Ms. Kang.  Here’s a heart for you. Six hearts.” 

It’s Okay To Not Be Okay is a drama about individuals who are scarred by their past go through the process of healing their emotional wounds. It’s also an unusual love story between a man who has no time for love—not even for himself—and a woman who doesn’t understand love and relationships. 

2.    Hi, Bye Mama (2020) 

Kim Mi-kyung’s talent was clearly in-demand because even before It’s Okay To Not Be Okay wrapped up, her next series started airing. Hi, Bye Mama is widely anticipated drama because it marked Kim Tae-hee’s comeback after years of hiatus. It’s a fantasy drama about  Cha Yu-ri, a mother who died and came back to begin a 49-day project so she can fully reincarnate as a human. However, she had to meet such a tall order, which is to get her life back, however, her husband has already remarried. 

This was an emotionally-driven drama that showed the different faces of motherhood, and how everyone processes loss. Kim Mi-kyung, plays Jeon Eun-sook, Cha Yu-ri’s mother. Her stoic portrayal of a caring and grieving mother radiated the pain and loss that her character is wrestling with, and it’s hard not to feel her pain. She may be playing a supporting role in this series, but her character may actually be more significant to the story than we expect. 

If you’re looking for a true tearjerker, this drama gives it in every episode.  More than Cha Yu-ri’s heartbreaking story, you will find profound lessons from her mother’s pain as well.

3.    Was It Love (2020)

With another drama under her belt for 2020 alone, we can say that our favorite ahjumma has been quite busy! Was It Love? is her third drama in which she plays the mother of lead character played by Song Ji-hyo.

Was it Love? is a story about Noh Ae-jung (Song Ji-hyo), who is a single mother who has given up on love. Instead of finding romantic connections, she focuses on raising her daughter while juggling so many jobs to make ends meet. Helping her out to raise her teen daughter is her loving mom, Choi Hyang-ja (Kim Mi-kyung).

After 14 years of putting her love-life on the back-burner, four men came into her life on different occasions. She had some history with three of them before her pregnancy, but can any of them give her a second chance at romance? That’s for you to find out if you haven’t seen this drama yet!

In the midst of all the challenges of single parenting, dating, and finding true love. Kim Mi-kyung still never fails to give that warm and loving presence as she supports her daughter and troubled granddaughter.  

4.    When I Was Most Beautiful (2020)

This romance-melodrama tells the story of Oh Ye-ji (Im Soo-hyang), an art student who dreams of becoming a ceramic artist. She already mapped out her life only to be derailed by two brothers who both fell in love with her. 

Kim Mi-kyung plays Oh Ye-ji’s mother, Kim Go-woon who spent 14 years in jail for murdering her husband. She always ignored Ye-ji when she came home to see her in the slammer. She then developed to show interest in patching up her relationship with her daughter after being released from jail. 

The real reason behind the murder showed how a mother would go to great lengths to protect her own child. Again, Kim Mi-kyung delivered a compelling performance that is sure to tug at your heartstrings!

5.    Her Private Life (2019)

For this 2019 rom-com, Kim Mi Kyung worked alongside Park Min Young as her on-screen, knitting-fanatic mom. In the drama, Kim Mi Kyung’s character is adamantly against the fangirling tendency of Park Min Young’s character. Little do they know that the mother and daughter have a lot in common that they’d like to admit!

Mi-kyung’s character in this drama showed another caring mom, who extended her heart to care for another person’s child. Like her other dramas, she always gives off this warm-hearted vibe, which also makes us wish she could also take us in under her wings! Add this to your watchlist to find the surprising twist to her storyline.

If you haven’t binged this series yet, it’s about Sung Deok-mi (Park Min-young), a beautiful young lady who works as a curator in an art gallery. She has always been known as this stylish, classy, and well-respected career woman, but the people around her don’t know that she’s living a double life. She secretly runs a fan site for K-pop idol Cha Si-an (One). But her life took an unexpected twist when she met a handsome new art director who arrived in their art gallery named Ryan Gold (Kim Jae-wook). 

6.    VIP (2019)

Now let’s deviate from her usual persona as a loving and caring mom. For VIP, Kim Mi Kyung plays the role of Jang Na-ra’s mother. We may have known her to play a mother who’s close to her children, but this time she is the first to break her daughter’s heart. 

Ever since her parents’ divorce Na Jung (Jang Na-ra) harbored a mixture of affection and anger towards her mother who suddenly reappeared into their life. She begged for forgiveness, which is hard for Na-jeong to accept. She was an adulterous woman which made Na-jeong resent her. Despite having a negative character, Kim Mi-kyung still attracts the audience’s attention. 

Catch all the episodes of this drama and see how the sins of the mother have scarred her daughter. This drama revolves around Naa Jeong-seon, who is a career woman who received a text message saying that her husband is cheating on her with a colleague. This messes up her mind and it sends her into a frenzy to find out the truth.

7.    The Sound of Your Heart (2016)

The is a webtoon-based drama is more of a sitcom that was not only well-received in South Korea, but also internationally. In this drama, Kim Mi Kyung plays the role of a funny mother to Lee Kwang-soo’s character. It’s such a breath of fresh air since we often see her as this long-suffering mother. However, for this role, she transforms into this quirky mom to an odd family of four. 

The story is about a struggling webtoon artist who’s trying to break into the industry and his family. Kim Mi-kyung comes in as this stern mother who is genuinely affectionate. Even though audiences know her to carry on dramatic roles, she was able to hold her own even balance other characters in this comedy. 

8.    The Heirs (2013)

In 2013 rom-com teen drama, Kim Mi-kyung plays Park Hui-nam, the mother of Park Shin Hye’s character. She is a mute housekeeper of the chaebol family of Kim Tan (Lee Min-ho). She lost her voice at the tender age of three due to a high fever. Besides being a lowly housekeeper, Kim Tan’s mother turns to her for advice.

While Park Hui-nam may not have the ability to speak up for her daughter, many found it endearing how she stood up for her daughter in other ways she can. She was a kind woman who only wants what’s best for her daughter.

If you haven’t seen this cult classic, the drama is your typical rich-boy-poor-girl trope. Everyone in school treated poor girls unfairly, but the rich boy still falls in love, but things get complicated because his best friend also falls for her. Even though it’s replete with drama clichés, The Heirs still made up for good TV. 

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