Korean Medical Dramas 2018

7 Korean Medical Dramas in 2018 That Are Most Talked About

Are you a medical kdrama fan? If you have just been hooked by these Korean dramas recently and have been looking for more to watch, worry no more. Here is the list of completed Korean medical dramas for 2018 that I have compiled. There are 7 of them altogether. Read on and enjoy these medical kdramas.

Korean Medical Drama List for 2018

(In Ascending ‘Drama Release Date’ Order)


Cross Kdrama

Drama Release Start Date: January 29, 2018
Drama Release End Date: March 20, 2018
Distributor: tvN

Kang In-gyu (Go Kyung-pyo) is an intelligent young man who decides to become a doctor in order to take revenge for his father who was murdered brutally 15 years ago when he was a little boy. He decides to work at the prison infirmary where the murderer is imprisoned.

Go Jung-hoon (Cho Jae-hyun) stars as a world renowned expert in liver transplants and is the chief of the organ transplant center. Go Ji-in (Jeon So-min) works as an organ transplant coordinator and is the daughter of Jung-hoon.

In-gyu is so intent and focused on wanting to take revenge for this father that he is going all out that no one can stops him.

This drama is filled with non-stop suspense, thrills and actions for sure. Strong acting by the main lead actors make this kdrama a must-watch.

A Poem a Day

A Poem A Day

Drama Release Start Date: March 26, 2018
Drama Release End Date: May 15, 2018
Distributor: tvN

A Poem A day is a medical drama that is not focused on the supporting casts of doctors and surgeons in a hospital. The medical services personnel such as physical therapists, radiologists, and their trainees.

Woo Bo-young (Lee Yu-bi) has been working in the hospital as a physical therapist on a contract basis for the past 3 years. She is a passionate about her work. She wanted to become a poet but was forced to give up on her dream due to financial circumstances.

Ye Jae-wook (Lee Joon-hyuk) is a cold-hearted physical therapist. He is well known for his talents.

Shin Min-ho (Jan Dong-yoon) is a physical therapy trainee at the hospital. He is never serious and was never interested in becoming a physical therapist. He was pushed by this parents to become one as they are both medical personnel themselves.

If you are expecting some thrills and actions like what you will see in most hospital doctor dramas, you will not be getting it in this drama. This is more mundane and most family drama. It does gives a different feel from the usual medical drama and can be quite comfortable for you to watch for a change.


Life Kdrama

Drama Release Start Date: July 23, 2018
Drama Release End Date: September 11, 2018
Distributor: JTBC

Life shares the story about doctors and nurses going against a corporate CEO whose is only focused only generating more profits for the company.

Ye Jin-woo (Lee Dong-wook) starred as the ER doctor at the hospital that is against the newly-appointed president of the hospital, Koo Seung-hyo (Cho Seung-woo). Seeing that the hospital is in red, he aims to turn hospital’s finance around by any means he can. However, after as time goes by, he starts to get influenced by the doctors’ stance.

Ye Seon-woo (Lee Kyu-myung), a paraplegic, is Jin-woo’s brother. He is the judge of the Health Insurance Evaluation Committee, and an orthopedic specialist. He was tasked to investigate on the corruption case on the previous hospital president. As he investigated it, he discovered that the case is not what is as seen.

If you like a mixture of medical and office politics, you will enjoy this kdrama.

Risky Romance

Risky Romance Kdrama

Drama Release Start Date: July 23, 2018
Drama Release End Date: September 17, 2018
Distributor: MBC

Risky Romance shares about a talented neurosurgeon, Han Seung-joo (Ji Hyun-woo), who has an extraordinary memory and a logical approach to things. He was once the nicest person in the world. However, a car accident caused him to transform into an unforgivingly competitive person. He becomes an ultra-competitive person who only wants to win and is obsessed about the success rate of his surgeries.

Joo In-ah (Lee Si-young) starred as an endocrinologist who is obsessed with hormones and believe that life is controlled entirely by them. In-ah found the perfect test subject in Seung-joo and wants him to take a blood test to find out the level of his testosterone. She believes that Han Seung Joo’s sudden change is due to his malfunctioning hormones. In-ah thinks that as long as his hormones are managed, Seung-joo will become the nicest guy he used to be again.

Even though Seung Joo thinks that In-ah is the reason for his friend’s death, and even plots his revenge on her, things take a turn unexpectedly, and they fall in love with each other.

Not the usual type of medical action drama that you will expect.

Heart Surgeons

Heart Surgeons Kdrama

Drama Release Start Date: September 27, 2018
Drama Release End Date: November 15, 2018
Distributor: SBS

Heart Surgeons tells the story evolving around the thoracic surgery department of a hospital. Park Tae-soo (Go Soo) is a 4th year thoracic surgery fellow. He has a mother who has been waiting for a heart transplant and he desperately wants to save her.

Choi Suk-han (Um Ki-joon) starred as a genius thoracic surgeon who is renowned for his skills but has not been treated fairly due to his humble medical background from a local university. He is Tae-Soo’s mentor. Suk-han lost his daughter due to a wrong decision he made. He decides to have more power in order to stop the discrimination against him and the respect he thinks he deserves.

Yoon Soo-yeon (Seo Ji-hye) is a thoracic surgical assistant and the daughter of the director of the hospital.

The story is intense and intriguing, making you want to watch the next episode as you completed one episode.

Quiz of God – Season 5: Reboot

Quiz Of God Season 5 Reboot Kdrama

Drama Release Start Date: November 14, 2018
Drama Release End Date: January 10, 2019
Distributor: OCN

Quiz of God – Season 5: Reboot tells the story of top elite doctors and forensic scientists probing on mysterious death cases and solving cases related to rare diseases. Han Jin-woo (Ryu Deok-hwan), the brilliant medical genius, gets involved in helping his girlfriend, Detective Kang Kyung-hee (Yoon Joo-hee), to solve an unexpected case and returns to the medical examiner office for the first time temporarily after living in seclusion for 4 years.

Jin-woo always solves very mysterious and difficult cases with his genius mind. However, he met his match this time round as he is not the only one with the answer to God’s quizzes. CODAS (Cause of Death Analysis System), an artificial intelligence programme tailored to use big data for the purposes of criminal investigation and find the cause of death is introduced in this season.

Kwak Hyuk-min (Kim Jun-han) who led the CODAS team, is at odds with Jin-woo and his team. He is irritated by Jin-woo who keeps on pointing out the flaws of the system. Disagreement between them creates tension in the lab.

Filled with lots of actions, mysteries and the rivalry between Jin-woo and Hyuk-min makes Quiz of God – Season 5: Reboot such a popular drama for their die-hard fans to watch. First time viewers to Quiz of God should also enjoy this drama even if they have not watch the past 4 seasons.


Priest Kdrama

Drama Release Start Date: November 24, 2018
Drama Release End Date: January 20, 2019
Distributor: OCN

Priest tells a story on how medicine and faith can work well together at times. Scientifically strange paranormal events are occurring in a Catholic hospital in Korea. Three person work together to battle evil, each differing in persona and belief.

Oh Soo-Min (Yeon Woo-jin) is a dutiful and reckless Catholic priest who is a member of 634 Regia. The group performs exorcisms unofficially. He witnessed his mum’s death when he was young. She was possessed and killed by a demon due to his father’s refusal to believe in exorcism preventing her from receiving one.

After that, Soo-min was taught by a Senior Catholic priest, Moon Ki-seon (Park Yong-woo), and become an exorcist. When Ki-seon was younger, he was called upon by Soon-min to save his mother but it was too late.

Ham Eun-ho (Jeong Yu-mi) is a doctor who worked in the emergency department at the Catholic hospital. She lost her faith in God at a young age when her parents died in front of her in an accident. She becomes a doctor as she wants to save the lives of people. However, she witnessed a supernatural phenomenon and meets Priest Oh Soo-min when one of her patients turns out to be possessed by an evil entity. Witnessing the exorcism of the patient caused her to rethink her beliefs and towards God.

Overall, Priest is quite enjoyable to watch. If you like gory and scary scenes, you will enjoy it for sure.

Best Medical Korean Drama 2018

So which medical kdrama gets my vote to be the ‘MUST WATCH for 2018′?

Cross is my favorite medical drama for 2018. I enjoyed the intensity and thrills that each episode gives me, keeping me on my edge and making me eager to watch the next episode as soon as possible. The story is fast paced and full of suspense at the same time. The strong acting by the lead actors and actress makes this kdrama a worthwhile one to re-watch.

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