Genre: Mystery

Innocent Defendant 400x600

Innocent Defendant

Park Jung-woo (Ji Sung) is a rising prosecutor at Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office. He wakes up and finds himself a convict on death row. Jung-woo has no idea what transpired to land him in prison and apparently has recurring amnesia that happens over and over. He struggles to recover his memory and clear his …

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Doctor Prisoner 400x600

Doctor Prisoner

A skilled doctor, Na Yi-je get involved in a medical accident which he did not cause. He is forced to quit the hospital where he works after being accused of medical malpractice. He then works in the prison with the goal of gathering sufficient connections to take his revenge against the people who forced him out of the hospital.

Hotel Del Luna 400x600

Hotel Del Luna

Hotel del Luna is located in the heart of Seoul. It is not like any other hotels, but it’s a place for the dead souls. During the Goguryeo era, a rebel, named Jang Man-wol (IU) drank a liquor that unknowingly turned her into the hotel’s owner. Koo Chan-Seong (Yeo Jin-Goo), is the new manager she wants to take over from the current manager, No Joon-Seok.

Healer 400x60


A mercenary codename “Healer” (Ji Chang-wook) who is skilled in fighting and information wars, a reporter from a tabloid news website Chae Young-shin (Park Min-young), and a famous journalist at a major broadcast station (Yoo Ji-tae) became entangled in a twist of fate.

The Lies Within 400x600

The Lies Within

Kim Seo-hee’s (Lee Yoo-young) father died suddenly and her husband abruptly disappeared. She joins the National Assembly and teams up with Jo Tae-sik (Lee Min-ki), a detective, to investigate.

He Is Psychometric 400x600

He Is Psychometric

After losing his parents in a fire, Lee Ahn (Park Jin-young) acquires the power of psychometry, the ability to read a person or an object’s past through physical contact, and he decides to use it to take bad people down.

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