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This crime-thriller series asks the question: “what would you do if you could identify psychopaths through a genetic test before they are born”?

When a vicious serial killer is imprisoned, the story shows us two pregnant women sitting outside a testing center in a hospital. They came in for genetic testing to determine if their unborn child carries the “psychopath gene.” One of the women is married to the serial killer, while the other to a kind and gentle man. Having learned that the babies they carry both have the gene, they must decide what to do about it now.

Decades later, the same killer is still on death row, but a new psychopath is out for blood. Could it be the killer’s son? Is the new killer one of the unborn children that had the psychopath gene?

Jeong Ba-reum (Lee Seung-gi) is a reputable rookie police officer. His life changes after an encounter with a psychopathic killer. This leads him into a mad chase to unearth the truth behind the killer’s psychopathic behaviour with his partner Go Moo-chi (Lee Hee-jun), a man who doesn’t mind bending the rules to catch criminals.

Go Moo-chi is the way he is because of a childhood trauma. He witnessed the murder of his family by the serial killer now on death row. Now, all he wants is revenge. But along with that burning desire for retribution, he also struggles with a drinking problem and an impulsive behaviour which could threaten his career as a police officer .

Head on, the drama reveals who the new killer is, and this revelation gives viewers a sneak peek of his interesting psychosis and motive for killing. However, this leaves behind a trail of murders causing great fear among the population.

As the story progresses, it explores the concept that psychopaths are not made, rather they are born to be that way. So that challenges the possibility of conducting genetic testing to determine who are genetically predisposed. And if someone is indeed hardwired from the womb to be an unremorseful criminal, should the parents keep that child?

I Wanna Hear Your Song

I Wanna Hear Your Song

“I Wanna Hear Your Song” is a mystery romantic comedy about a timpanist Hong Yi-young and suspicious tone-deaf pianist Jang Yoon. Yi Young suffers from insomnia after getting traumatized by what happened on ‘the day’ and comes across Yoon who helps her remember. They try to put Yi Young’s forgotten memories together and the truth about the murder case that traumatized Yi Young.

Life On Mars 800x1210

Life on Mars

Han Tae-joo is a modern-day forensics scientist who leads a crime investigation team in 2018. One day, while investigating a serial murder case, he met with an accident. He ends up waking up 20 years back in 1998. What happen and did he manage to get back to the present year 2018?

Secret Mother 600x899

Secret Mother

Kim Yoon-jin is a successful ex-psychiatrist who quits her job to become a full-time housewife after the mysterious death of her daughter. She hires a top expert, Lisa Kim, who helps to get students to the best universities in the world. She also holds the truth to Yoon-jin’s daughter’s death.

Vip 400x600


Na Jung-sun and her husband, Park Sung-joon work in the VIP management team that deals with VIP customers in Sung Woon Department Store. She is the deputy head manager while he is the head manager of the VIP team. One day, Jung-sun receives an anonymous text message that her husband has betrayed her with someone in the office. Will she be able to find out who the woman is?

Confession 400x600


This is a case involving the hidden truth behind the law prohibiting double jeopardy. When Choi Do-Hyun was a boy, he had a heart disease. He miraculously had a chance for a heart transplant. Right after the successful heart transplant surgery, his father was accused of murder. His father received the death penalty. To clear his father’s name, Choi Do-Hyun becomes a lawyer.

Hell Is Other People 400x600

Hell is Other People

Yoon Jong-woo is a man who moves to a dormitory in Seoul after landing an internship in a company. He stays in an dire dormitory to save money. However, mysterious events start happening in his apartment, causing Jong Woo to start fearing the apartment’s residents.

Innocent Defendant 400x600

Innocent Defendant

Park Jung-woo (Ji Sung) is a rising prosecutor at Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office. He wakes up and finds himself a convict on death row. Jung-woo has no idea what transpired to land him in prison and apparently has recurring amnesia that happens over and over. He struggles to recover his memory and clear his …

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Doctor Prisoner 400x600

Doctor Prisoner

A skilled doctor, Na Yi-je get involved in a medical accident which he did not cause. He is forced to quit the hospital where he works after being accused of medical malpractice. He then works in the prison with the goal of gathering sufficient connections to take his revenge against the people who forced him out of the hospital.

Hotel Del Luna 400x600

Hotel Del Luna

Hotel del Luna is located in the heart of Seoul. It is not like any other hotels, but it’s a place for the dead souls. During the Goguryeo era, a rebel, named Jang Man-wol (IU) drank a liquor that unknowingly turned her into the hotel’s owner. Koo Chan-Seong (Yeo Jin-Goo), is the new manager she wants to take over from the current manager, No Joon-Seok.

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