Genre: Horror

Hell Is Other People 400x600

Hell is Other People

Yoon Jong-woo is a man who moves to a dormitory in Seoul after landing an internship in a company. He stays in an dire dormitory to save money. However, mysterious events start happening in his apartment, causing Jong Woo to start fearing the apartment’s residents.

Hotel Del Luna 400x600

Hotel Del Luna

Hotel del Luna is located in the heart of Seoul. It is not like any other hotels, but it’s a place for the dead souls. During the Goguryeo era, a rebel, named Jang Man-wol (IU) drank a liquor that unknowingly turned her into the hotel’s owner. Koo Chan-Seong (Yeo Jin-Goo), is the new manager she wants to take over from the current manager, No Joon-Seok.

A Korean Odyssey 400x600

A Korean Odyssey

In a reimagined Korean version of Sun Wukong, Son Oh-Gong (Lee Seung-gi) was punished and trapped for a thousand years.

Kingdom 400x600


A tale set in medieval Korea – of zombies, power struggles and conspiracies.

Kingdom: Episode 1

The highly anticipated Korean Drama on Netflix aired on 25 January 2019. While up till now there is a glut of zombie shows both good and bad, there isn’t that many Korean zombie shows around, especially one set in the medieval Joseon period. The pacing of Kingdom has it’s slow moments but increasingly suspenseful and thrilling, keeping you at the edge of the seat.

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