In a reimagined Korean version of Sun Wukong, Son Oh-Gong (Lee Seung-gi) was punished and trapped for a thousand years. Ma-Wang (Cha Seung-won) tricked Seon-mi (Oh Yeon-seo) when she was a little girl into stealing from Son Oh-Gong a treasure he desired. Having released Son-Oh-Gong from his prison, he is contractually bound to Seon-mi to protect her whenever she called but he craftily ran away. 25 years later, they met again in a fateful encounter.

Episode List:

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Main Cast:

Lee Seung Gi
Lee Seung-gi (Son Oh-Gong) Main Role
Oh Yeon Seo
Oh Yeon-seo (Sam-jang) Main Role
Cha Seung Won
Cha Seung-won (Woo Ma-Wang) Main Role
Lee Hong Gi
Lee Hong-gi (Jeo Pal-gye) Main Role
Jang Gwang
Jang Gwang (Sa Oh-jeong) Main Role

Show Details:

First Episode Release : December 23, 2017
Modern Korean Odyssey
Number of Episodes : 20
Publisher : TVN, Netflix
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