Set in medieval Korea, a bastard son Chang was named Crown Prince and heir to the throne. A newly wedded queen from the Cho Clan becomes pregnant and desires to take the throne from the crown prince, whose child might eventually displace Chang as the crown prince when he is born.

The King was taken ill due to an unknown sickness that is spreading throughout the kingdom and subcumbed. To prevent Chang from taking the throne, the Cho Clan conspired to use a rare flower that will resuscitate the dead King.  

Meanwhile, the Crown Prince attempted a failed coup and was expelled from the royal palace. The resuscitated King sleeps in the day, but however behaves rabidly and eventually kills the doctor’s apprentice who was brought back to his clinic. Being in a crisis of famine, one of the starving patients decides to cook the dead apprentice and gave food to everyone in the clinic. By the evening, scores of people were poisoned and died. As night fell, the bodies started to wake and hunt for flesh.

Episode List:

Main Cast:

Ju Ji-hoon (Crown Prince Yi Chang) Main Role
Bae Doona (Seo-bi) Main Role
Kim Sung-kyu (Yeong-shin) Main Role
Kim Sang-ho (Moo-young) Supporting Role

Show Details:

First Episode Release : October 25, 2019
Zombie Outbreak
Number of Seasons : 2
Number of Episodes : 6
Publisher : Netflix
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