9 K Dramas Where You Can Catch The Beautiful Roh Jeong Eui

9 K-Dramas Where You Can Catch the Beautiful Roh Jeong-Eui

Roh Jeong-eui is a rising Korean actress. She made her debut in the 2010 drama “Quiz of God”, and went on to expand her acting career by appearing in many movies and dramas such as “Bachelor’s Vegetable Store” (2011), “Dream High 2” (2012), and “Horse Doctor” (2012). 

But Roh Jeong-eui slowly made a mark when she ventured into the small screen as she starred in several dramas over the years. In fact, true K-drama fans would find her face recognizable even if she may not have so many major roles.

But for 2021, the actress will soon appear in “Dear.M” for a lead role along with NCT’s Jae-hyun and many others.  She will play a student in the Economics Department at Seoyeon University.

If you wish to take a lot at other k-dramas this up and coming actress has starred in the past, here are 9 series you can choose from.

18 Again (2020)

18 Again Kdrama 2020

This series is based on the film “17 Again”. It’s a story of a husband who gets a shot at a do-over and suddenly transforms back into a teenager.  

Jung Da-jung (Kim Ha-neul) and Hong Dae-young (Yoon Sang-hyun) became parents in their teens. This led to some deferred dreams and life-plans that didn’t pan out as they would have expected. But they are also proud parents to eighteen-year-old twins. 

Unfortunately, as life happened, their marriage suffered and divorce was on the table. While lamenting over how his life and marriage turned out, Da-jung transformed into his 18-year-old self (Lee Do-hyun), but with his 37-year-old soul. He changed his name to Go Woo-young, and started living his new life using this second identity. But more than gaining his old self back, he was also able to see the lives of his twins in a different light. 

Roh Jeong-eui plays Hong Shi-ah, the older twin daughter of Hong Dae-young and Jung Da-jung. A pretty and popular girl at school but with a strong and rebellious personality. She works part-time in a convenience store without her parents’ permission so she could pursue her dream of being a makeup artist. Despite her rebellious nature, she deeply loves and cares about her family, even blaming herself for her parents’ crumbling relationship.She is not aware that the new student in her school who was always up in her business, was actually her dad.

Take a peek into each character’s growth and transformation in this heartwarming and entertaining family drama. 

The Great Show (2019)

The Great Show

In this political romantic comedy, Wi Dae-han (Song Seung-heon) was headed for a promising career as a lawmaker – until the media discovered a secret about his family, derailing his career. This forced him to step down from his seat in parliament, but despite that, he still dreams of a return to politics.

But he saw an opportunity to turn things around when he met a young girl (Roh Jeong-eui) in dire straits. She tells him that her mother had been killed in a traffic accident. Without nowhere else to turn to, she asks him if he could help care for her three young siblings. Instead of humanistic reasons, Dae-han takes them in and launches a bid to gain reelection to parliament. By playing the role of a doting father, he hopes to win back the favour of the electorate. 

Things get even more complicated when TV show writer, Jung Soo-hyun (Lee Sun Bin) steps back into his life. The pair met back in college, and he was her first love, but family pressures tore them apart.

With all that’s going on, Dae-han is struggling to keep up with appearances. And with Soo-hyun’s presence, can she turn him around and make an honest man out of him? 

Kill It (2019)

Kill It

Jang Ki-yong plays silent assassin Kim Soo-hyun under the guise of being a skilled veterinarian while he searches for answers about his past.

Soo-hyun was an orphan who ended up being raised by a contract killer who trained him to do the same. Now he is hired by individuals and organizations around the world, to take care of problems only he is qualified to handle. But behind his lethal character, Soo-hyun is a contract killer with a heart—an antihero of sorts. He takes in Kang Seul Gi (Roh Jung-eui) who is an upbeat young girl whose father and grandfather were killed before her eyes by Soo-hyun’s mentor. 

But life becomes even more interesting when he meets Do Hyun-jin (Nana), a hardworking detective with a sympathetic soul. She was investigating a series of murders which led her to Soo-hyun with whom she discovers a mysterious connection between their pasts. 

Live Up to Your Name (2017)

Live Up To Your Name

In this fantasy medical drama, the best acupuncturist from the Joseon era finds himself transported 400 years into the future where he meets a beautiful cardiac surgeon who only believes in modern medicine. 

Heo Im (Kim Nam-gil) is a doctor who works at Haeminseo during the daytime and earns a fortune by making home visits to high-ranking officials’ at night. He has made a name for himself with excellent acupuncture skills. One day, the palace called Heo Im to treat the King. However, he failed to bring about a cure and was targeted by the palace troops. He falls into a river and travels to the modern-day. There, Heo Im runs into Choi Yeon-kyung (Kim Ah-joong), a doctor who works as a doctor at Shinhae Hospital, who was after Oh Ha-ra (Roh Jeong-eui), a runaway patient.

His adjustment to modern times bewildered Heo Im, but he slowly learns to live with it so he can reach his goal of earning a lot. Heo Im’s transformation into a modern man progressed as he drew close to Choi Yeon-kyung, who later became not only his partner in treating illness but also the person with whom he shares his beliefs and principles. Though impressed by her, the differences in their methods and priorities make them clash.

Even though he thinks Heo Im is weird, Yeon-kyung hopes to get rid of Heo Im but instead, they travel back to Joseon together.

Witch at Court (2017) 

Witch At Court

This is a feisty legal drama about a materialistic female prosecutor who does not hesitate to use personal attacks, fabricate evidence, and incite perjury in order to win her case is assigned to the special task force for sex crimes. 

When nothing seemed to be able to stop Prosecutor Ma Yi-deum from building a spotless career, an unexpected accident thwarted her personnel appointment to be canceled. However, this tough cookie cannot be swayed easily. She has always been quite a “bad-ass” even in her youth, which was a character played by Roh Jeong-eui. 

She meets a newly appointed prosecutor, Yeo Jin-wook, who chose the field of law over practicing medicine. Yi-deum and Jin-wook start off on the wrong foot, but they are forced to form a team and tackle criminal cases. As the story develops, the two realize that the fact they have been brought together could not just be chocked up to fate. They team up and solve criminal cases together, and at the same time, they try to reveal the truth behind the heinous act that took place years ago. During the process, they come to understand and embrace each other.

Pinocchio (2014)

Pinocchio 1

The story begins with a boy named Ki Ha-myung (Nam Da-reung) whose family got embroiled in a controversy after a fire broke out in a waste disposal factory. His life is torn apart when his father, who also died from the fire, was made the scapegoat. Things only got worse when the media sensationalized the story which drove Ha-myung’s mother to jump off a cliff and took Ha-myung with her. 

But an interesting stroke of luck saves Ha-myung’s life and he ends up living with an old grandfather. Ha Myung grows up with this family and the old man’s other son, Choi Dal-Pyung and young granddaughter, Choi In Ha (Roh Jeong-eui), who was Ha-myung’s age. When Ha Myung (Lee Jong-suk) and In Ha (Park Shin-hye) grow up, they end up in the media world once again as reporters and are forced to confront their respective families and themselves.

The Firstborn (2013)

The Firstborn

This drama is about the firstborn of five siblings, who was bound to take care of the rest after losing their parents early in the 1960s.

A family from the southern end of Korea has always been happy despite their poverty. However, a sudden accident strikes them and takes away the parents, leaving the five children alone. Left alone, they have to live through a harsh reality. The eldest, Kim Young-sun (Yoon Jung-hee), is only eleven years old when she had to stand in as the mother-figure. She soon focuses on nothing but family. However, irresistible love comes her way. Hesitant, Young-sun decides to give up on romance and set her eyes on her priorities.

Roh Jeong-eui joins the cast as the young Lee Ji-sook. 

Flower of Prison (2016)

Flower Of Prison

A story about Ok-nyeo (Jin Se-yeon), a talented girl born and raised in prison, but gains great skill and wisdom through her encounters with extraordinary people from all walks of life. She becomes a crusader for the oppressed peasant class and embarks on a journey to find the class she belongs to in the caste system. Through the life of Ok-nyeo, this TV miniseries introduces Joseon’s proud legacy of human rights laws, which Ok-nyeo fights to enact throughout the kingdom.

This lengthy period drama has a lot of resonating characters and one of which is Yun Shin-hye of which Roh Jeong-eui plays her younger version. Once a young acquaintance of Ok-neo who will prove to be a key player in Ok-nyeo’s crusade. 

Cheer Up! Mr Kim (2012)

Cheer Up Mr Kim

A family drama about a bachelor who raises four children and works all sorts of jobs to support his adopted family.

Kim Tae-pyung (Kim Dong-wan) was abandoned as a child. He took on the role of parent at the age of seventeen when his newborn niece was orphaned because he doesn’t want her to be sent to an orphanage. Since then, he has taken on the responsibility for three other children, for friends who are unable to care for them. 

Selflessly taking on such a responsibility at a young age, Tae-pyung was unable to complete his education. So he ends up taking on odd jobs to provide for his charges. He was able to get by through hard work and scrimping and saving.

Roh Jeong-eui plays Nam Song-ah, one of the kids under Tae-pyung’s care. She is the daughter of Tae-pyung’s friends who are laying low to avoid creditors. She is the most affectionate towards Tae-pyung. 

Full House Take 2 (2012) 

Full House Take 2

This series is a remake of a widely popular South Korean drama from 2004. The plot revisits the concept of an adult longing to regain a childhood home that holds special memories. 

It centres around Lee Tae Ik (No Min-woo) who lost his parents at an early age and was driven out of the home that he shared with them. He grows up to achieve success as half of a K-pop duo called TAKE ONE with his singing partner Won Kang Hwi (Park Ki-woong). As he grows in popularity as an idol star, Tae-ik’s main goal is to reclaim his childhood home, known as Full House. 

Unfortunately, things get complicated when he meets Jang Man-ok (Hwang Jung-eum), a former martial arts instructor who is forced to take a job as the duo’s stylist to repay a debt. Chaos ensues when she moves into the band’s luxurious crib. A love triangle emerges as Tae-ik went up against fellow band member Won Kang-hwi for Jang’s affection.

Roh Jeoung-eui joins the cast to play the young Man-ok. 

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