7 K Dramas To Make You Fall Further In Love With Cloy’s Hyun Bin

7 K-Dramas To Make You Fall Further in Love with Hyun Bin

If there is anything that nabbed the hearts of K-drama fans and even made converts out of staunch critics, that would be the strapping Captain Ri Jeon Yeok. Played by hunky Hallyu actor, Hyun Bin, the phenomenal success of his character and Crash Landing on You made him win over hoards of fans around the globe.

Being the captivating actor that he is, Hyun Bin boasts of an impressive repertoire of TV dramas and movies. So, if you’re pining for another series to “Hyun-Binge” on, here are 7 more K-dramas to feast your eyes on!

1. Memories of the Alhambra

Memories Of The Alhambra Header

Why you would love it:

Memories of the Alhambra is one of the highest-rated K-dramas in cable television by consistently nabbing viewership ratings in its time slot. With your Hyun Bin bias aside, the story also intrigues you with a creative and unpredictable plot riddled with unexpected twists.

If you’re down for some real-life RPG, slow-burn romance, and mystery with a whole lot of Hyun Bin action, this series is available on-demand on Netflix!


In this story, Hyun Bin is the CEO of an investment company who banked on a revolutionary AR (Augmented Reality) game. However, the system encountered a glitch that leads to the death of a former friend with him as the prime suspect. While he is in hot water, his company is also on the brink of bankruptcy. He needs to find the young developer, who has now gone missing, to help him fix the bug and clear his name. But this quest leads him to the virtual space that is fraught with real danger as players walk around, find weapons, earn money, get points, and fight to level up.

At its heart is a romance between Hyun Bin’s character and the beautiful Park Shin Hye, who plays Hee Joo, a demure hostel owner and guitar maker. As he goes deeper into the game, he also finds himself falling in love with her as well. 

2. My Lovely Sam Soon 

My Lovely Sam Soon

Why you would love it:

While this 2005 drama may be a blast from the past, this drama still reigns in a lot of good responses because it’s relatable. It helped catapult Hyun Bin’s career from a rookie actor to a star. Deriving inspiration from Bridget Jone’s Diary, the story showcased the true potential of Hyun Bin’s acting where he moved viewers to laughter and tears as his character worked through his past trauma. It’s no wonder he bagged several recognitions for this role, including the Top Excellence Award at the MBC Drama Awards.


This series centred around Kim Sam Soon (Kim Sun Ah), who broke up with her cheating boyfriend and worries that she may never get to find a decent man. Despite her insecurities about her name and weight, Sam Soon is determined to fulfil her dream of becoming a successful pastry chef. She gets a job working for Jin-Heon (Hyun Bin), who is a rich, arrogant restaurant owner.

Although Sam Soon means meek and feminine, she is neither as she is loud and unrefined. However, Hyun Bin’s character falls for her relentless attitude and even appreciates her less than fashionable curves. 

So, stroll down memory lane and see how Hyun Bin charmed his way to stardom in this performance. 

3. Hyde, Jekyll, Me

Hyde Jekyll Me

Why you would love it:

In this 2015 series, Hyun Bin showcased his versatility in portraying a man with two different personalities. In his television comeback after his 2-year military requirement, he proves himself why people loved his delivery and style. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that he is easy on the eyes, and in this series, fans get two versions of him to love!


The story follows the life of Goo Seo Jin, a theme park director who was diagnosed with DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder), a mental illness where he has two different personalities. He suffers from it as a result of a traumatic kidnapping in his childhood. 

Goo Seo Jin was cold and timid, but his alternate personality named Robin was warm and friendly. One day he encounters Jang Ha Na (Han Ji Min) who works in the circus at the same theme park he works. Robin falls in love with Jang Ha Na even though Seo Jin didn’t like her at all. Unfortunately, to cure Seo Jin, Robin had to disappear, much to Jang Ha Na’s dismay. 

See what happens when one falls for an alternate personality, only to say goodbye. Check out how the story unfolds and enjoy Hyun Bin’s performance in this psychological drama on Netflix. 

4. Secret Garden

Secret Garden Hyun Bin

Why you would love it: 

This fantasy-romance is one of the most important dramas in Hyun Bin’s filmography because it brought his name to the international scene. It’s an unconventional love story that keeps you on your toes. But more than that it’s a hodge-podge of love triangles, magical potions, class differences, corporate intrigue, and even manipulative mothers. But Hyun Bin’s performance has been remarkable not only in the eyes of adoring fans, but award-giving bodies.

Fans also get an extra treat as the hunky actor showcased his vocals in one of the theme songs entitled That Man – which you can stream on Spotify. 


Kim Ji Won (Hyun Bin), is a handsome, wealthy, and well-educated CEO of a high-end department store. His elder cousin Oska is a famous Hallyu star who is embroiled in a scandal with actress Park Chae Rin. To help him out Ji Won goes to his filming set to get her, but he takes stuntwoman Gil Ra Im by mistake. This chance meeting marked the beginning of a tense, bickering relationship between the two. Joo Won, however, develops a growing attraction toward Ra Im, which he tries to hold back because it confuses him. To make things complicated, the two exchanged souls which pushed them to be drawn closer to each other. 

5. Friend, Our Legend

Friend Our Legend Hyun Bin

Why you would love it:

This series is based on a 2001 gangster film Friend, but the story is expanded and retold for TV. Here Hyun Bin plays a fascinating character who doesn’t say much but you’ll see how his character grows throughout the story. Even though his good looks hogs the screen, he can also pull you into his world and into his broken heart. He also moved away from his poster boy image by shaving his gorgeous locks for the role. 

While he stands alongside three other actors in a story of friendship that has gone sour, Hyun Bin stands out as he delivers a performance so raw and gripping. As a hardened mobster, he gives fans noteworthy scenes that are so intense and emotionally riveting. 


This is a coming of age story of four childhood friends who grew up in the tough streets of Busan in the 70’s and 80’s. They have been inseparable while growing up by helping each other out in skirmishes and petty scrapes as teenage delinquents. 

Each of their lives take different turns as they grew up and they found themselves as enemies. Best friends, Dong Soo (Hyun Bin) and Joon Seok (Kim Min Joon) become bitter rivals in the city’s criminal world. Meanwhile Sang Taek (Seo Do Young) and Joong Ho (Lee Si Eon) also pursued a life of crime. As their lives intersect again, they are left to decide where their loyalties end and their current ambitions begin. 

6. The World that They Live In

The World That They Live In Hyun Bin

Why you would love it:

If you love Hyun Bin and Song Hye Kyo together, this 16-episode drama should satisfy your cravings. Their romantic and sensual scenes were the highlights of this series, which actually radiated their off-screen romance at the time. Moreover, the series gives viewers an insider perspective on how dramas are made. This includes how they shoot conversations in moving vehicles, how they scout amazing locations, or how much it would take to film two episodes a week. 


This story gives you a slice of life in the workplace. It’s a group of stories that are centred around the production of dramas for a fictional Korean TV station. But, the centrepiece of this series is the relationship between two producers – one is an established pro while the other is an up-and-coming ex-girlfriend. 

When the two, Ji Oh (Hyun Bin) and Joon Young (Song Hye Kyo), rekindled their relationship, not everything was smooth-sailing. Joon Young’s mother did not approve due to Ji Oh’s poor background. With his pride deeply wounded, Ji Oh decided to break up with Joon Young leaving her crushed and unaware of the real reason behind it. Seeing how they are worlds apart, Ji Oh kept pushing Joon Young away even though he still loves her. 

Many conflicts stand in the way of their love story, but will they overcome them all for their relationship to work?  

7. The Snow Queen

The Snow Queen Hyun Bin

Why you would love it:

If you’re down for a solid melodrama, you will love The Snow Queen. Filmed in 2006, you’ll be getting a much younger Hyun Bin, but still every bit the eye candy that he is. It’s worth watching the show just to take him all in for sixteen amazing hours. While it is one of Hyun Bin’s most underrated dramas, it sure hits the right spots especially if you’re a sucker for absolute tear-jerkers. 


In this drama, Hyun Bin plays Tae Woong, a genius 17-year-old. He meets Kim Jeong Kyung (Lee Sun Ho), who is also a genius, but they started off on the wrong foot. However, they soon set aside their differences and became the best of friends. Tae Woong also meets a little girl whom he saves after being bullied by older girls for her money. The girl develops a crush on him and gives him her beeper so she can contact him. 

Tae Woong and Jeong Kyu both enter an international math Olympiad. But, when Tae Woong emerged as the winner, Jeong Kyu was so dismayed that it pushed him to commit suicide. This took a toll on Tae Woong, that it skipped his mind that he ever set a date to meet the little girl. For eight years he struggled to move on with his life and at 25 he became a third class boxer. He crossed paths with Bo Ara (Sung Yu Ri), the little girl he once saved but is now a cold-hearted woman. Will Tae Woong’s charm be enough to break the ice?

Ready the snacks and tissues, and be on your way for some good Hyun Bin marathon!

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