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Kingdom: Episode 6

Episode 6 of Kingdom starts with a relatively tranquil scene of the Queen and Cho Hak-ju talking. They talk of power, politics and the closing off Gyeongsang and all the gates leading to and from the region. Cho Hak-ju cautioned the Queen not to do anything without his instructions, and that he will kill the …

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Kingdom Episode 5 Scene 1

Kingdom: Episode 5

Kingdom Episode 5 starts with Prince Chang, Moo-Young, Seo-Bi and Yeong-Shin setting up camp in the night. Things have taken a darker turn since, with the dead becoming more pervasive, and so too, the living that takes the side of the Minister Cho. While Seo-Bi was out gathering herbs, she was startled by what seemed …

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Kingdom: Episode 4

The villagers are left behind by the nobles and officials. Moo-Young and the Crown Prince arrived in time to see the abandoning ship, and quick asked what’s happening. The bodies were left unattended and will soon become zombies again once night sets. The barracks is no longer an option to evacuate the villagers as the …

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Kingdom: Episode 3

Episode 3 of Kingdom starts off intense and dark. As night fell and the dead running about in the magistrate’s office, the zombie infection quickly spread from person to person. Many villagers have fallen when they were crowding around the magistrate’s office when this happened. As they got bitten, they too in turn add to …

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Kingdom: Episode 2

So far, what was revealed in Episode 1 was the backstory of the Crown Prince and the wicked Prime Minister Cho. At the end of the episode, the people in the clinic who ate the food prepared made from Dani-i’s body died and reanimated as zombies, killing and the living’s flesh. The Crown Prince Lee …

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Kingdom: Episode 1

The highly anticipated Korean Drama on Netflix aired on 25 January 2019. While up till now there is a glut of zombie shows both good and bad, there isn’t that many Korean zombie shows around, especially one set in the medieval Joseon period. The pacing of Kingdom has it’s slow moments but increasingly suspenseful and thrilling, keeping you at the edge of the seat.

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