Kingdom: Episode 4

The villagers are left behind by the nobles and officials. Moo-Young and the Crown Prince arrived in time to see the abandoning ship, and quick asked what’s happening.

The bodies were left unattended and will soon become zombies again once night sets.

The barracks is no longer an option to evacuate the villagers as the fence is town down, so Seo-Bi suggested they go to Jiyulheon. She mentioned that they managed to contain the zombies in for a few days, so it should be safe there.

The Crown Prince began to instruct everyone to make haste.

It seems that dusk is approaching and the villagers are still making their way through the rocky paths in the forest. A little girl stumbled and her glance caught sight of something hiding under the rocks. Bodies. Zombie bodies.

Noting that it is quickly getting dark, the Crown Prince instructs everyone to run without delay. Everyone except the the young and the sick could run fast enough to make it to Jiyulheon in time. The Crown Prince however, went back to assist with two wagons carrying the sick, elderly and the children.

While running side by side, the rear wagon (that the Prince was running with), got one of the wheels stuck by the road side and a few people were thrown off the wagon. Moo-Young and Yeong-Sin saw their predicament and ran back to help them.

The wagon’s wheel is still lodged.

Moo-Young saw that the zombies are starting to twitch and wake up. Calling out to the Prince, he told him to run.

He refused.

I will never abandon these people!

While struggling and using every fiber of his body to lift the wagon, he shouted that he did not want to be like the evil ones in power, such as the Haewon Cho Clan. All the men gave their all and eventually lifted the wagon unto normal grown, and they got the elderly and the sick up in double time.

At this moment, the zombies are almost fully awake and started to crawl out of their space, some already running toward them.

The men pushed, zombies chasing up to them.

More zombies are seen joining along the path.

The first wagon that was ahead made it to Jiyulheon safely, but it knocked one of the doors of it’s hinge!

Along the road path, 2 zombies came running ahead of the wagon. Moo-Young went ahead with sword drawn.

The horse managed to knock the first one out of the way. One of the soldier lighted up his gun to take aim at the second, missed, and got knocked over and was overwhelmed by the other zombies.

Yeong-Sin dashed back to grab his rifle, but was unable to save the soldier. He swiftly turned and ran back on the wagon and started to load the rifle proficiently. As he readies his rifle, one came close to the Crown Prince and Yeong-Sin managed to shoot it in the head.

While the men back in Jiyulheon repaired the broken door, the wagon came into view in the distance, zombies right behind them.

Seo-Bi called the men to prepare to close the doors as the wagon raced toward them. It was indeed a race towards safety, or toward certain death.

Yeong-Sin managed to shoot a zombie that fell and made a few zombies tumble, putting some gap between them. One particular zombie ran ahead of the pack and Yeong-Sin’s gun misfired at a crucial moment.

Moo-Young spun around with his sword and cut it’s head off, saving the Prince, but tumbled on the ground in the process. Taking to his feet, he ran as fast as he could.

The clinic’s doors closed, and Moo-Young made it just seconds away from getting caught.

The people inside hid while the men took up weapons, just in case the zombies broke in. It seems the worst is over.

It’s night time now and we’re back to the cargo boat that the magistrate and his associates escaped on, making their way to Sangju.

While talking, they started to hear knocks coming from within the ship.

It’s the old noble lady, and as we’ve guessed it in the previous episode, she’s brought her son along in a box.

Curious, people started to peer into the cargo hold when suddenly, a zombie jumped out at them. Chaos ensued as people on the boat either jumped over board, or get bitten. It’s unsure how many survivors are there.

The men stood guard in Jiyulheon with weapons in arms, until the day broke. The zombies could be seen running for shelter from the sun once again. The survivors made it through the night.

The commoners are grateful to the Crown Prince for saving them, and in prostrating, it seems he have gained their respect and recognition.

He asks Moo-Young to prepare some food for the people, and to treat the the wounded.

Taking pity on the commoners who had to no food to eat, he offered food to some children, and gave out the rest to everyone else. It was meat, as as far as food is concerned, it is heaven to them.

The meat was used to prepare soup, and as the food was distributed to the tired and the starving, you could hear cheers of jubilee in the background.

When asked what he is going to do, the Crown Prince answered that he will go to Lord Ahn Hyeon in Sangju to seek support against the Cho Clan.

On hearing that, Yeong-Sin came over and said he is from Sangju, and offered his help to guide them.

Moo-Young hesitates in trusting him and asks Yeong-Sin about his identity. It seems Yeong-Sin’s ability to use a gun that proficiently aroused doubts about who Yeong-Sin is.

At that moment, the gates started to shake and everyone got on guard. A voice was heard declaring the Crown Prince as a traitor, and demanded Lee Chang to surrender and be brought back to Hanyang for investigation.

His crimes were apparently to resist the King’s verdict previously and decapitating Beom-il, the commander of the Royal Army. The guard demands that Prince Lee comes out voluntarily or they will severely punish them.

As we’ve guessed it, the next scene shows Prime Minister Cho seeing his son’s head in a box. The messengers who brought his head also met an untimely demise as a victim of Cho’s rage. He vowed to take revenge on Prince Lee.

At that moment, arrows were unleashed by the soldiers into Jiyulheon and countless innocent folks were pierced, including a young girl.

Prince Lee appears stunned and blames himself for the tragedy. Yeong-Sin shouted and snapped him out of his stupor. His expression changed from helplessness to one of resolution.

The soldiers began to break down the doors to the clinic. They made their way in cautiously and it seems no one is around, not knowing that the people inside have already taken up positions to ambush them.

One by one, the soldiers are taken out. Prince Lee and Moo-Young made their way out, distracting the guards outside with an arrow. A whistle signal was heard, drawing the soldiers out. The four guards outside were found killed or injured.

Yeong-Shin and Seo-Bi then cleared the remaining soldiers inside. Putting the dead to rest, they made their way out of the clinic.

Back in the forest, visibility was low. Moo-young was leading the guards with the whistle signals to the wrong place, and eventually went back to meet up with the rest.

The signal fire that was previously lit starts to get the capital noticed, as well as Lord Ahn Hyeon.

The ministers on hearing that the signal fires were lit, were worried about wars and insisted on visiting the king, even though no one was supposed to. They got in, with the invitation of Minister Cho to see the king.

The queen was present, and denied their entry, but with Prime Minister’s Cho’s request, the ministers went in.

The queen warned that the sun is setting soon.

The sun went down and the ministers were brought before the King’s chambers. Minister Cho intentionally revealed the reason that the signal fire was lit, telling the ministers about the zombie virus that is spreading. The king woke, giving the ministers a fright of their life.

In doing so, Minister Cho gives a false impression to the others that the king is merely diseased, but omits the fact that he actually died before being resurrected as a zombie. This is a ploy to legitimise the sickness and hide the fact that the king has indeed passed.

Using that strategy, he executed Chief Scholar Kim Sun and his family. At the same time, cementing his power with the other ministers.

In private, Minister Cho showed the Queen his son’s head. He vowed revenge against the Crown Prince and all who supported him.

Reminding the Queen that he was the one who put her in her position, he insisted on her giving birth to a son to inherit the throne.



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