9 must watch k dramas for june 2022

9 Must-Watch K-Dramas For June 2022

So far 2022 has given K-drama fans a lot to look forward to each month with all the interesting releases. June is no exception as it gives us nine exciting series to get hooked on! Get a sneak peek at all of them here!

Alchemy of Souls 

alchemy of souls

Release Date: June 18, 2022

Airs on: Saturday & Sunday 

Episodes: 20

Genre: Fantasy, Romance, and Historical Drama

Cast: Lee Jae Wook, Jung So Min, Hwang Min Hyun, Shin Seung Ho, Yoo Jun Sang, Oh Na Ra, & Jo Jae Yoon 

Watch It On: tvN & Netflix

Alchemy of Souls is a drama set in the fictional kingdom of Daeho, which is not mentioned in history or on maps. It revolves around a group of warriors and nobles whose fates become intertwined due to Hwanhonsool, a supernatural phenomenon involving the reincarnated souls of the dead. 

Jang Wook (Lee Jae Wook) hails from the noble Jang family, and it has been an open secret that his birth is linked to an unpleasant secret. He is also quite the troublemaker. He crossed paths with Mu Deok (Jung So Min), an elite warrior whose soul is trapped in a frail body. She becomes Jang Wook’s servant and she also teaches him how to fight. 

Seo Yool (Min Hyun) is from the noble Seo family who seemed like the perfect person all around. He is good-looking, intelligent, and skilled in martial arts. Go Won (Shing Seung Ho) is the crown prince of Dae Ho who wants to become a good king. 

Catch how these individuals go about their issues of love and growth as they overcome their twisted fates. Alchemy of Souls will air on June 18 on tvN and Netflix. 

Cleaning Up 

cleaning up

Release Date: June 4, 2022

Airs on: Saturday & Sunday 

Episodes: 16

Genre: Comedy, Crime, and Drama 

Cast: Yeom Jung Ah, Jung So Min, Kim Jae Hwa

Watch It On: JTBC

Cleaning Up is a remake of the 2019 British TV series of the same name. It’s about a trio of cleaners who wanted to change their destinies after they accidentally learned about some insider trading at the brokerage company where they are employed. 

Eo Yong Mi (Yeong Jum Ah) was her family’s breadwinner and she is neck-deep in debt, with lenders hot on her heels. Meanwhile, An In Kyung (Jung So Min) also has her own financial struggles, and she dreams of buying her own food truck or running a mobile cafe business. Rounding out the trio is Maeng Soo Ja (Kim Jae Hwa) who is a more sociable person. However, she only seems to be friendly to those who can help her. These three cleaning ladies invest their money in stock after overhearing the tip.  

Will this information change their life? Catch all the exciting turnout as it unfolds on June 4 at 9:30 PM. 



Release Date: June 1, 2022

Airs on: Wednesday & Thursday 

Episodes: 16 

Genre: Melodrama, Revenge 

Cast: Seo Ye Ji, Park Byung Eun, Yoo Sun, Lee Sang Yeob

Watch It On: tvN

Eve is a tale of revenge that centers around a 13-year-old scheme that is aimed at taking down South Korea’s elite. Lee Ra El ( Seo Ye Ji) has always idolized her parents, but cruel forces caused her father’s death causing her family to crumble. Embittered by this traumatic experience, she vowed to seek revenge on the rich people who were behind it. Her number one target is Kang Yoon Kyum (Park Byung Eun), the CEO of the lucrative LY Group business empire who is also the leader behind her family’s downfall. 

Lee Ra El weaponized divorce by placing herself at the center of a legal battle worth a staggering USD 1.6 billion. Through this, she aims to bring Kang Yoon Kyum and LY down. To do that, she needs to wage a bitter legal struggle and go against powerful forces both inside and outside the courtroom. With a plan that is in the works for more than a decade, Lee Ra El wants to take it out on King Yoon Kyum when he least expects it. 

However, can revenge give her the satisfaction she seeks or will it consume her? Watch the series on June 1st at 10:30 PM on tvN. 



Release Date: June 8, 2022

Airs on: Wednesday & Thursday 

Episodes: 16

Genre: Action, Suspense, Thriller 

Cast: Kang Ha Neul, Lee Yoo Young

Watch It On: JTBC

Insider tells the story of a judicial trainee named Kim Ho Yan (Kang Ha Neul), who finds himself in the middle of a crisis after going undercover at a local prison. This arrangement was part of an investigation into a corrupt prosecutor. Ho Yan has always been prudent and is one who thinks ahead. But he also finds himself in dangerous situations particularly when he found himself involved in a situation during the investigation. He got tricked into remaining in the prison, but instead of resigning to his fate, he began plotting his revenge. 

Yo Han wants to continue to fight and turn his crisis into an opportunity. Catch how this plan unfolds as Insider airs on June 8 at 9:30 P.M. 

Link: Eat, Love, Kill

link eat love kill 1

Release Date:  June 6, 2022

Airs on: Monday & Tuesday 

Episodes: 16

Genre: Fantasy, Melodrama 

Cast: Yeo Jin Goo & Moon Ga Young

Watch It On: tvN

Eun Gye Hoon (Yeo Jin Goo) is an executive chef while Na Do Hyun (Moon Ga Young) is a probationary employee at a Western restaurant. A supernatural phenomenon brought them together, which causes Gye Hoon to feel Da Hyun’s every emotion as she goes about her usual activities. 

What does it feel like to have someone so attuned to your emotions? Many are intrigued by how this relationship will pan out. Watch tvN’s new Monday-Tuesday drama as it airs on June 6 at 9:30 PM.

Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area

money heist korea joint economic area 1

Release Date: June 24, 2022

Airs on: Friday

Episodes: 12

Genre: Heist, Crime Drama 

Cast: Yoo Ji Tae, Jeon Jong Seo, Park Hae Soo, Lee Won Jong, Kim Ji Hoon, Jang Yoon Ju, Lee Hyun Woo, Kim Ji Hun, and Lee Kyu Ho

Watch It On: Netflix 

The original Money Heist has been a phenomenal hit but it’s getting a K-drama remake which is airing on June 24th. If you’re not familiar with the Spanish version, the story starts when a genius strategist brought together a talented crew of top-class thieves in an attempt to pull off a heist in the Korean Peninsula. But even with the most detailed plan in place, hiccups and some unexpected twists make this daring plan into a heart-pounding tale. 

All episodes of this series are directed by Kim Hong Sun, the man behind acclaimed K-dramas such as Voice, Black, and The Guest. K-dramaland sure has proven itself worthy of excellent remakes, let’s see if Money Heist: Korea is also one for the books! Mark your calendar on the 24th as it airs on Netflix at 11 PM. 

Jinxed at First 

jinxed at first

Release Date: June 15, 2022

Airs on: Wednesday & Thursday

Episodes: 16

Genre: Fantasy, Romance 

Cast: Seohyun, Na In Woo, Jun Kwang Ryul, Yoon Ji Hye

Watch It On: KBS2

This story is about a fish vendor named Gong Soo Kwang (Na In Woo) who is a fish seller at Seodong Market. However, he seems to be riddled with bad luck. But things turn around when he crosses paths with Lee Seul Bi (Seohyun), an eccentric woman with the gift of seeing the future, and she seems to be the goddess of good fortune.

This fantasy drama is based on a webtoon of the same name. Find out how this unlikely couple and their fated pairing will turn out as Jinxed at First airs on June 15 at 9:30 P.M. 

Why Her?

why her

Release Date: June 3, 2022

Airs on: Friday & Saturday 

Episodes: 16

Genre: Mystery, Romance, Drama, Melodrama

Cast: Seo Hyun Jin, Hwang In Youp, Huh Joon Ho, Bae In Hyuk

Watch It On: SBS, Viki, Viu TV

This drama is about a talented lawyer Oh Soo Jae (Seo Hyun Jin), who has grown to be cold-hearted and self-righteous after dedicating her life to achieving success. One day, she gets involved in an unexpected case where she gets demoted to work as an adjunct law professor. 

Meanwhile, Gong Chang (Hwang In Youp) is a warm-hearted law student who remains to be empathetic despite his painful past. He fell hard for Oh Soo Jae during her stint in school and would do anything for her even if it was illegal or immoral. 

Will Gong Chang be the person Soo Jae truly needs? See how they maneuver this relationship and the struggles they had to face that will test their character and their feelings for each other. Why Her? will air on June 3 at 10 P.M.

Yumi’s Cells (Season 2)

yumis cells 2

Release Date: June 10, 2022

Airs on: Friday & Saturday 

Episodes: 14 

Genre: Comedy, Romance, Life 

Cast: Kim Go Eun, Park Jin Young, Ahn Bo Young, Lee Yo Bi, Park Ji Hyun

Watch It On: iQiyi, tvN

After a painful breakup, Yu Mi’s love cells have completely shut down, but all that changed when she meets an emotionally stunted game designer named Goo Woong (Ahn Bo Young). As the two drew closer, Yu Mi’s cells got regenerated, but even with this revival, their relationship still wasn’t destined to last. 

Yu Mi has now grown to be more mature, and she finds herself willing to take on a set of challenges when she finds a new source of inspiration. Her co-worker Bobby Yoo inspired her to work hard to make all of her dreams come true. 

If you wish to know more about Yu Mi, you can follow her again in this second season as it airs on June 10 on iQiyi and tvN at 9:50 P.M. 

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