9 k dramas to look out for in may 2022

9 K-Dramas To Look Out For In May 2022

May sure has some interesting dramas up its sleeve. With series from different genres, there’s something to entertain everyone! If you’re looking for some new series to entertain you in the coming weeks, here are 9 new releases you should keep an eye out for!

Bloody Heart

bloody heart

Release date: May 2, 2022

Airs on: Monday & Tuesday 

Episodes: 16

Genre: Historical, Romance, Drama, Political 

Cast: Lee Joon, Kang Ha Na, Jang Hyuk, Park Ji Yun, Heo Sung Tae, Ha Do Gwon

Watch it on: KBS2

This month’s period drama stars Lee Joon of The Silent Sea. He plays Lee Tae, a young man whose father deposed the present king and took the throne for himself with the help of Park Gye Won (Jang Hyuk). Lee Tae is slated to be the next ruler to replace his father. This decision came at the expense of abandoning the woman he loves. However, instead of ruling wisely, he chose to do so with an iron fist. This did not sit well with Gye Won, who actually wields more influence in the kingdom as a vice-premier. Tossed into the power struggle is the noble family of Yoo Jung (Kang Han Na), a free-spirited woman who won over Lee Tae’s heart. 

There Is No Goo Pil Soo

there is no go pil soo

Release date: May 4, 2022

Airs on: Wednesday & Thursday 


Genre: Comedy, Life, Drama

Cast: Kwak Do Won, Yoon Doo Joon, Han Go Eun, PArk Won Suk, Jung Dong Won

Watch it on: Olleh TV, Seezn, Sky TV

Kwak Do Won fans should be excited to see his return to the small screen for the first time in almost a decade. This is a comedy-drama about two men, a 40-something Go Pil Soo (Kwak Do Won), and 20-something Jung Seok (Yoon Doo Joon). Pil Soo is a former boxer who had to juggle different jobs to make ends meet. He worked as a salesman who managed an underwear store and struggled with credit problems. Now in his 40’s, he is married, has one son, and runs a small bar. Even though he is now a devoted family man, he still dreams of having success in life. Jung Seok, on the other hand, is a gifted young man who grew up with poor parents in a provincial city. He was fortunate enough to be accepted into the most prestigious university in Seoul. He believes that success lies in founding a start-up company. So if you’re looking for an inspiring comedic relief, catch this drama every Wednesday and Thursday for the entire month of May!

The Sound of Magic 

the sound of magic

Release date: May 6, 2022

Airs on: Friday 

Episodes: 6

Genre: Music, Psychological, Drama, Fantasy

Cast: Ji Chang Wook, Choi Sung Eun, Hwang In Youp

Watch it on: Netflix

The Sound of Magic is Netflix’s third original K-drama of the year. The series is based on the Naver webtoon, Annarasumanara by Ha Il Kwon, and directed by Itaewon Class director, Kim Sung Yoon. It’s about a high school student, Yoon Ah Yi (Choi Sung Eun), who supports herself and her younger sister through part-time jobs. Despite all the work she struggled with and the absence of her parents, she still managed to earn top grades in school. She had to work hard so she could land a stable job. However, also competing for the top rank is Na Il Deung (Hwang In Yeo). While they engage in a cutthroat competition, they could not help but fall for each other in the process. One day, Yoon Ah Yi comes across magician Lee Eul (Ji Chang Wook) at an abandoned amusement park. He performs magic only for people who believe in it. He comforts Yoon Ah Yi, who later on tells him that she believes in magic. So if you need a little spark of magic this May, catch this fantasy drama exclusively on the streaming giant, as it airs fresh episodes every Friday!

Woori the Virgin 

woori the virgin

Release date: May 9, 2022

Airs on: Monday & Tuesday


Genre: Comedy-Drama, Romantic-Comedy, Satire

Cast: Im Soo Hyang, Sung Hoon, Shin Dong Wook, Hong Ji Yoon

Watch it on: SBS TV

This series is based on the American satirical telenovela, Jane the Virgin. It revolves around Oh Woo Ri (Im Soo Hyang), a young woman who vowed to keep her virginity until her wedding night. She has held on to the promise she kept to herself even though she has been in a long-term relationship with detective Lee Gang Jae (Shin Dong Wook). However, during a routine check-up with her gynecologist, she got artificially inseminated by accident by the Raphael’s (Sung Hoon) sperm sample. He is the CEO of a cosmetics company and is in a loveless marriage with Lee Ma Ri (Hong Ji Yoon). Find out what Woori does with this mishap and how it might change her life. 

Rose Mansion 

rose mansion

Release date: May 12, 2022

Airs on: Friday


Genre: Thriller, Mystery

Cast: Im Ji Yeon, Yoon Kyun Sang

Watch it on: tvN

This drama is set in an apartment that is scheduled for renovation and the search for the truth about a girl’s disappearance. Im Ji Yeon stars as Ji Na, a hotel employee who struggles with low self-esteem. After the disappearance of her sister, she returns to her family house called the Rose Mansion, only to find herself in an unexpected situation. Min Soo (Yoon Kyung Sang), who is a violent crimes detective, was the only one to believe Ji Na’s words and help her. Fortunately for Ji Na, Min Soo is a man who is committed to every case he is involved with, but behind his facade, he also possesses dark secrets. The truth starts to resurface the more they go deeper into the case. Get involved in the intense suspense of the story as secrets are slowly revealed with each episode starting May 12.

Kiss Sixth Sense

kiss sixth sense

Release date: May 25, 2022

Airs on: Wednesday

Episodes: 12

Genre: Comedy, Romance, Fantasy, Supernatural

Cast: Yoon Kye Sang, Seo Ji Hye, Kim Ji Suk, Lee Joo yeon

Watch it on: Disney+

Disney+’s latest K-drama is based on a hit Naver webtoon. It’s a fantasy romance where Hong Ye Seul (Seo Ji Hye) has the special ability of seeing a person’s future if her lips touch theirs. However, she has no way of knowing when her vision will come to pass. Ye Seul works at an advertising company and she hates her boss Min Hu (Yoon Kye Sang). But when their lips accidentally touch, she is shocked to see a vision of them nakes in the same bed. Join Ye Seul as she comes to terms with her vision and what she will make of this confusing preview into a stranger’s future that intimately involves herself.



Release date: May 25, 2022

Airs on: Wednesday & Thursday

Episodes: 16

Genre: Romance, Drama, Melodrama

Cast: Seo Ye Ji, Park Byung Eun, Yoo Sun, Lee Sang Yeob

Watch it on: tvN

Seo Ye Ji returns for another drama after her hit show, It’s Okay to Not Be Okay. This is a romance drama that follows the story of a chaebol’s 2 trillion divorce lawsuit that shook the entire nation. At the center of this lawsuit is Lee Ra El (Seo Ye Ji), the daughter of the chaebol family. Her misfortune started with one conniving, influential person, and when she learned who the culprit was, Ra El decided to take revenge. After thirteen long years of planning, she then enlists the help of human rights lawyer, So Eun Pyung (Lee Sang Yeob), and together, they hatch a plan which involves a headline-grabbing divorce lawsuit. 

Welcome to Wedding Hell

welcome to wedding hell

Release date: May 23, 2022

Airs on: Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday

Episodes: 12

Genre: Romance, Life, Drama

Cast: Lee Yun Hee, Lee Jin Wook

Watch it on: Daum Kakao TV, Netflix

Seo Joon Hyung (Lee Jin Wook) is a single man in his 30s who works for a large company. He is at the prime of his life career-wise and he is in a long-term relationship with his girlfriend, Kim Na Eun (Lee Yeon Hee). Also in her 30s, Na Eun also built a good life for herself. She is smart, affectionate, and a pragmatist, qualities that made Joon Hyung seal the deal. After years of dating, they decided to get married. But they realized that the wedding preparations are not as smooth-sailing as they imagined. Problems keep popping which will test how much they really want to step into this new chapter of their lives. With three episodes per week, catch in on the excitement and chaos as Welcome to Wedding Hell airs on May 23rd. 

Doctor Lawyer

doctor lawyer

Release date: May 27, 2022

Airs on: Friday & Saturday

Episodes: 16

Genre: Thriller, Law, Drama, Medical

Cast: So Ji Sub, Shin Sung Rok, Im Soo Hyang, Lee Joo Bin, Lee Kyung Young, Choi Jae Woong

Watch it on: MBC

So Ji Sub returns to the small screen as Han Yi Han, an elite surgeon who specializes in general and cardiothoracic surgery. One day, a patient dies in his operating theatre even though the surgery has gone well. This resulted in his medical license being suspended.

Four years later, he returns as a lawyer with a focus on medical litigation. He worked alongside a public prosecutor (Lim Soo Hyang) who lost a loved one thanks to Yi Han’s supposed surgical error. Catch this interesting dynamic and how these two characters work through their differences. 

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