8 k dramas coming out in june 2021!

8 K-Dramas Coming Out in June 2021!

June is the month of comebacks Among the 8 K-dramas that are lined up to premiere this month, half of them are much-awaited new seasons! Ready to commit to a whole crop of interesting stories? Here’s what this month has in store for you K-drama fans!

The Penthouse 3 – June 4 (SBS)

the penthouse 4

The third installment of the popular SBS’ thriller-mystery drama has been a much-awaited one and it teases viewers with the promise that it has more blood and evil schemes! 

The story behind “The Penthouse” centers around a luxury penthouse apartment with 100 floors that house the rich. As we zero in on the lives of the residents, we see their dark secrets and how cutthroat the competition can be to reach their ambitions. However, the story highlights the solidarity and revenge that the women involved are willing to exact to protect themselves and their children. 

Trailers are slowly trickling in for The Penthouse 3, giving excited fans glimpses of what to expect for the coming season. While the last 13 episodes paved the way for several questions begging to be answered, season 3 is written with more drama and revelations in every episode. 

In a 14-second teaser, there were a few symbolic items just maybe some giveaways for what’s to come. The first is the apple necklace that belonged to Min Seol-ah (Joo Soo-min), the Cheong Ah Arts Festival trophy, and Na Ae-gyo’s (Lee Ji-ah) butterfly tattoo on the back of the Hera statue. These little tidbits are enough to keep fans speculating. 

As they say, the third time’s a charm, and for The Penthouse, it will be the final season to round out the story. You can catch it on SBS or stream it on Viki on June 4th, 2021 at 9 PM KST.

No One But a Madman – June 23 (MBC)

no one but a madman

No One but a Madman follows the stories of middle-aged workers struggling to survive in a turbulent workplace to keep up with the changing times. The story centers on a veteran engineer who’s facing the biggest crisis in his 22-year career. 

Choi Ban-seok (Jung Jae-young) is a developer at Hanmyung Electronics’ Home Appliances Division. Unfortunately, despite the two decade-long loyalty he put into the company, he still found himself demoted to the personnel department, where he is completely unfamiliar with everything. He chose to survive this rather than quite the job. There he meets Dang Ja-young (Moon So-ri), the newly appointed head of the human resources team. 

Dang Ja-young is known for her strong work ethic and leadership skills that is why she’s deeply respected by her colleagues. Ban-seok’s transfer initially created a lot of challenges for her. But as they work together, Ban-seok and Da-young get involved with each other. But Han Se-kwon (Lee Sang-yeob), Ja Young’s ex husband suddenly enters the picture and makes things complicated. He also happens to be the head of the development department of the same company and a relative of the owner.

The story also introduces Seo Na-ri (Kim Ga-eun), the assistant manager of the product planning team. Her own charm and hardwork helped her become the company’s top employee who is also loved by everyone. Ja-young’s recent transfer and promotion created some new twists and challenges to her work life. 

No One But a Madman is MBC’s new Wednesday and Thursday series set to air on June 23rd at 8:30 PM KST. 

Love ft. Marriage and Divorce 2 – June 12 (TV Chosun) 

love ft. marriage and divorce

If you were able to follow the first season, then you would be looking forward to what is going to happen to our three couples now that betrayal has finally rooted within their marriages. The first season showed their husband’s gradual descent into having full-blown affairs.

The series centers on three married couples each of them in their 30s, 40, and 50s and are facing troubles and problems in their relationships. Love ft. Marriage and Divorce is said to have reached the highest viewership ratings recorded at a TV Chosun series. 

Things heat up as clandestine affairs are slowly coming to light. How will the women deal with this blow? and will any of them be willing to let infidelity pass or will it be a dealbreaker? 

Mark your calendars for June 12 as Love ft. Marriage and Divorce returns for its second season on TV Chosun and Netflix at 9 PM KST!

At a Distance, Spring is Green – June 14 (KBS)

at a distance spring is green

This drama is an adaptation of a popular webtoon that tells a coming-of-age story about college students and the struggles they face in university.

Yeo Joon (Park Ji-hoon) is a freshman gifted with good looks, a wealthy family background, and a friendly personality. With all that, he easily becomes the most popular student on campus as soon as he enters the university. On the outside, he seems to have everything that many would hope for. However, what everyone sees from the outside is far different from what he keeps hidden on the inside. He is actually hurting and he needs a friend who will understand him more than anything. Unfortunately, finding a true and trusted friend is only easier said than done.

While working on a class project, Yeo Joon finds himself drawn to his partner, Nam Soo-hyun (Bae In-hyuk). He is a third-year student who is also in the same program. He’s a straight-A student who has no time for spoiled rich kids. As the total opposite of each other, the two students started out on the wrong foot. But despite that rocky start, Yeo Joon and Soo-hyun eventually begin to accept each other and strike up a friendship. 

However, it did not take long for their friendship to be put to the test. It happened when Kim So-bin (Kang Min-ah) came into the picture. Will Yeo Joo and Soo-hyun’s budding friendship crumble when love begins to bloom?

At a Distance, Spring is Green will air on June 16 at 8:30 KST on KBS2.

Monthly Magazine Home – June 16 (JTBC)

monthly magazine home

JTBC’s romance drama is a story about a man and woman fighting over a property. It stars Jung So-min as Na Young-won, a single woman who’s spent a decade of her life working in the same company struggling to make ends meet. She never managed to buy her own house so for ten years, she has been renting the same property and made a home out of it. She takes care of it as if it is her own. 

Na Young-won meets Yu Ja-seong (Kim Ji-seok), a real estate property owner and investment expert. He sees houses as an asset and doesn’t attach any emotions to them, as Young-won did. Tension arose when he eyed the house Young-won was renting. 

But there’s more to Ja-seong than this seemingly callous real estate hound. He worked hard to get to where he’s at having lived a hard life growing up. So for him, hustling and making money was always the first priority more than sentimentality. But will his views change when he meets Young-won? 

Find out how these two will fight it out in Monthly Magazine Home which will air on June 16, 8 PM KST on JTBC.

Hospital Playlist 2 – June 17 (tvN) 

hospital playlist 2

Hospital Playlist is about to make its highly anticipated return and there’s going to be a lot to unpack! Everyone’s favorite healthworkers are back and fans have so many questions. Will Jeong-won and Gyeoul go steady after their romantic kiss in season one? What will be Song-hwa’s response to Ik-jun’s confession? Is it time for Seok Hyung and Min-ha’s love story to unfold? Will Jun-wan and Ik-sun’s LDR stay strong? 

We hope for these new adventures to tie up loose ends from the previous season. The trailer highlights the camaraderie between Lee Ik-joon (Jo Jung-suk), Ahn Jeong-won (Yoo Yeon-seok), Kim Jun-wan (Jung Kyung-ho), Yang Seok-hyeong (Kim Dae-myung) and Chae Song-hwa (Jeon Mi-do). Seeing them again reminds viewers of the feel-good moments the show brought in the thick of pandemic in 2020. 

After its premiere has been pushed further back this year, fans are more than ready to join the rounds! Mark your calendars on the 17th at 8 PM on Netflix!

Nevertheless – June 19 (JTBC)


Han So-hee rose to fame for playing the mistress we all love to hate in The World of the Married. But she finally earned her keep in K-dramaland as she now plays the female lead, Yoo Na-bi. Her character has given up on love, even though she still gives dating a chance. Her pessimism comes from a bad experience with her first love, leading her to disregard the notion of destiny. She even went as far as promising never to fall in love again. 

Park Jae-eon (Song Kang), on the other hand, is the biggest flirt and heartthrob, but he doesn’t think dating is worth it.  But when their paths crossed, they both leave a strong impression on each other that challenges their long-held beliefs on love. Will they give love a chance? 

Like many dramas today, Nevertheless is also adapted from a webtoon titled, I Know But. This drama is billed as a “hyperrealistic romance”, and it will stream on Netflix starting June 19!

Voice 4: Judgment Hour – June 18

voice 4

Voice comes back for its fourth season promising more high tension and thrill. For the benefit of those who’re still catching up, this thriller procedural drama first aired in 2017. It’s about an emergency call center and its hardworking employees who fight crime using the limited information they get from the urgent calls they receive. Four seasons later, the Golden Time Team is hot on the heels of a vicious murderer with extraordinary hearing abilities that can rival their own. 

For this installment, Song Seung-heon joins Lee Ha-na as they make up the team given the arduous task of securing the “golden time” of a crime scene. Expect tensions to rise between a prolific voice profiler and an uncompromising principle-based detective. 

At the helm of this series is Director Shing Yong Hwi who worked on successful dramas like Tunnel and Cross. Catch Voice season 4 on June 18, 9:50 PM KST on tvN. 

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