7 new k dramas you can stream and enjoy this october 2021

7 New K-Dramas You Can Stream and Enjoy This October 2021

Now that we’re down to the final quarter of this year, it can be said that the past nine months have been a roller coaster ride for K-drama fans. Despite the limitations that productions faced, the stories we enjoyed so far never fell short. Sure enough, you now have a list of favorites. But the excitement continues as we enter another month! 

Here are 7 new releases you need to look out for!

National Wife/ The All-Round Wife

national team wife

Release Date: October 4, ,2021

Runtime: Daily 

Network: KBS1

Cast: Han Da Gam, Han Sang Jin, Shin Seung Hwan, Shim Ji Ho, Shin Hyun Tak

Episodes: 120

If you are looking for a family drama that you can follow every day, National Wife should be on your list. The story revolves around Seo Cho-hee (Han Da Gam), who struggled in life working as an account executive for an advertising company. She hustled hard to raise their standard of living and thought that a house in Gangnam would already cut it. But she realized that happiness is not about the house, but the loving people living in the house who care for each other. 

 The daily drama is slated to premiere on KBS1 on October 4, 2021, and will air every weekday at 20:30 (KST).

The King’s Affection 

the kings affection

Release Date: October 11, 2021

Runtime: Monday & Tuesday

Network: KBS2

Cast: Park Eun Bin, Rowoon, Nam Yoon Su, and Bae Yoon Kyung

Episodes: 20

What’s a list of K-dramas without any sageuk (historical drama). The King’s Affection is based on the manhwa (Korean comic) of the same name. 

It is an internationally licensed Netflix Original K-Drama series from KBS2 that is directed by Song Hyun Wook and written by Han Hee Jung. It stars Park Eun-Bin and SF9‘s Rowoon, and it’s a romance story set in the Joseon era.

The story revolves around a pair of royal twins, one male and one female. A victim of her time, the sister is initially abandoned for being female. She later disguises herself as a man to become the crown prince when her brother dies. She is now faced with the challenge of keeping her real identity a secret. Fearing that her real identity will be revealed, Lee Hwi is apprehensive to have anyone close to her. She pushes everyone away and hides her emotions from others by making biting remarks. Despite her efforts to distance herself, she didn’t expect to catch feelings for Jung Ji Woon, her teacher who comes from a noble family. Ji Woon is a teacher from the Crown Prince’s sikangwon, a government office made for the sole purpose of educating crown princes. Bold, persevering, and tenacious, this handsome young man takes life as it comes and lives free from worldly concerns as an optimist who enjoys life. What happens when the truth unfolds?

‘The King’s Affection’ will air on KBS2 on October 11 at 9:30 p.m. KST every Monday and Tuesday. It will take the slot previously taken by ‘Police University’.

Reflection of You

reflection of you

Release Date: October 13, 2021

Runtime: Monday & Tuesday

Network: JTBC

Cast: Go Hyun Jung, Shin Hyun Bin, Kim Jae Young, and Choi Won Young

Episodes: 16

The drama is about an encounter between two women with completely different fortunes. One woman bathes in all the perks that come with the rich lifestyle of ‘wife and mother’ for a brief period, nd has remained faithful to her ambitions. Another woman comes in contact with her in that short span and loses the light of her life.

Starring Go Hyun-Jung and Shin Hyun-Bin, ‘Reflection’ is a drama that deeply delves into the life of Jung Hee-Joo (Go Hyun-Jung), who lived a hard life growing up. Years later, she became a successful painter and essay writer. She also married the heir to a hospital and was blessed with two children. She was also fortunate enough to raise a comfortable family. Her family life seems enviable, but Hee Joo feels like she spends her time meaninglessly. She then meets a young woman who’s poor and struggling, which reminds her of her younger self, but Hee-Joo finds that this woman still shines despite her despondent state. 

‘Reflection of You’ will take over ‘Monthly Magazine Home’ and will air every Wednesday and Thursday at 9:30 P.M. on JTBC.

My Name 

my name

Release Date: October 15, 2021

Runtime: Thursday

Network: Netflix

Cast: Han So Hee, Ahn Bo Hyun, Park Hee Soon, Kim Dang Ho

Episodes: 8

We’ve seen Han So-Hee’s soft and romantic side in ‘Nevertheless’, but now she’s back-channeling a darker image for her upcoming Netflix drama ‘My Name’.  

This drama revolves around Yoon Ji-Woo (Han So-Hee) whose father dies suddenly.  To find the truth about his death, Yoon Ji Woo, who is a member of an organized crime ring, joins the police department. Driven to seek revenge, she becomes a mole for the drug group. She seeks help from their powerful booss whose true intentions were quite to read. 

When Ji-Woo joins the force, she is assigned to work in the drug investigation unit in the police department. She is paired with Jeon Pil Do (Ahn Bo Hyun who is a police detective. 

This crime thriller will be airing on Netflix Original on October 15th at 11 P.M. It is directed by Kim Jin Min, and written by Kim Ba Da. You may be familiar with director Kim Jin Min’s work as he previously directed another Netflix Original series Extracurricular.

My Sweet Dear 

my sweet dear

Release Date: October 21, 2021

Runtime: Thursday

Network: WeTV, U-NEXT, Line TV, Rakuten Viki

Cast: Jang Eui Soo, Lee Chan Hyung, Jang Do Yoon

Episodes: To be announced

Yoon Do Gun (Lee Chan Hyung) is a highly talented chef and the culinary genius behind Laura Dining, a critically acclaimed restaurant. Yoon Do Gun’s hard work placed Laura Dining at the top of the South Korean restaurant scene. However, the eponymous restaurant owner and Yoon Do Gun are beginning to pull in very different directions. She wants to make it a priority to prepare a menu that teems with crowd-pleasing dishes, but Yoon Do Gun wants to challenge everyone’s palate with creative and newer preparations.

The relationship even fractured further when the Do Gun hires Choi Jung Woo (Jang Eui Soo) to work in the same kitchen. Jung Woo is a talented chef in his own right, but his skills mainly revolved around copying other people’s hit recipes, rather than whipping up his own. 

Do Gun and Jung Woo start off on the wrong foot, but as they get to know each other, an unexpected love story starts to blossom. Can the heat in the kitchen transform rivalry into romance?

Catch My Sweet Dear as it premieres on October 21st at 12 P.M.



Release Date: October 23, 2021

Runtime: Saturday and Sunday

Network: tvN

Cast: Jun Ji Hyun, Ju Ji Hoon, and Sung Dong Il

Episodes: 16

Jirisan follows experienced national park ranger Seo Yi-kang (Jun Ji-hyun) and rookie ranger Kang Hyun-jo (Ju Ji-hoon) as they uncover the unexplored regions of Jirisan, the tallest mountain on the South Korean mainland. This action drama takes us along for the ride into the heroic story of rangers working hand in hand to rescue people from the forest fire in Jiri Mountain National Park.

This drama is Jun Ji Hyun’s comeback to the small screen after a five-year hiatus. ‘Jirisan’ is also the first collaboration between Kim Eun Hee as the scriptwriter and Lee Eung Bok as the director. Both of them are celebrated in their professional fields. Kim Eun Hee is famous for her works like Signal (2011) and Kingdom. Lee Eung Bok’s most notable projects include Dream High, Descendants of the Sun, Mr. Sunshine, and Sweet Home.

This suspense-thriller drama is part of tvN’s 15th-anniversary project. It is set to premiere on iQiyi on October 23, and it will take the slot of the widely popular Hometown Cha Cha Cha at 8 P.M. 

Inspector Koo

inspector koo

Release Date: October 30, 2021

Runtime: Saturday and Sunday

Network: JTBC

Cast: Lee Young Ae, Kim Hye Joon, Lee Hong Nae, Baek Sung Chul

Episodes: 12

Lee Young Ae transforms into Koo Kyung Yi for this crime/mystery drama which is described to be the Asian remake of the British TV series, ‘Killing Eve’. 

Koo Kyung Yi is a woman in her 40s who works as a private detective and insurance investigator. She used to be a prolific police officer, but she finds her true calling in this new job. She enjoys solving cold cases for the thrill of it, but as she investigates a mysterious murder case, she comes against a female college student who is a serial killer. 

This drama is Young Ae’s comeback, and it’s a character that is of her usual element. She sheds her usual elegant persona as she transforms into a total mess.

‘Inspector Koo’ will air on JTBC every Saturday and Sunday at 9:30 P.M. and will take the slot of ‘Lost’.

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