7 Korean Dramas To Add To Your Watchlist This March 2021

7 Korean Dramas to Add to Your Watchlist this March 2021

Time flies so fast and we’re now breezing our way into the third month of 2021. If you enjoyed the K-drama releases in the previous month, March has a lot of good stuff lined up! Here are 7 interesting stories to add to your list if you wish to commit to a weekly surprise. 

Love Alarm 2 

Love Alarm 2

Love Alarm has turned out to be one of the biggest and much-awaited K-drama on Netflix and is set to make a comeback this March. 

Based on a popular webtoon of the same name, “Love Alarm” is penned by Chon Kyeyoung, whose other works like Unplugged Boy and Audition have a strong following in Korea. It is a romance drama set in an alternate reality where people find love through an application that alerts users when someone within a 10-meter radius has feelings for them. 

The first season showed the story of Kim Jo-jo (Kim So-hyun), Hwang Sun-oh (Song Kang), and Lee Hye-yeong (Jung Ga-ram) as they faced a world in which people can only express their love through the app. It ended with Jojo hoping to unlock the shield on her love alarm app while running into Sun Oh and his girlfriend Yuk Jo at a Love Alarm 2.0 launch event, where Hye Young also rushes to find Jo-jo. This second instalment begins four years later when the app has gained a new feature that provides a list of people who you will like and people who will like you. As the story continues we just might get to know who Jo-jo will choose between Lee Hye-yeo and Hwang Sun-oh, and the twists these connections will bring.

Season 2 will be a 6-episode series that will air on March 12 on Netflix. 

Joseon Exorcist

Joseon Exorcist

Joseon Exorcist is dubbed to be a mix of Kingdom and The Guest, where the undead comes back to life after being killed by the royal family.  It adds exorcism to a genre involving creatures with an interesting backstory. Here viewers get to enjoy all intricacies of a historical drama and the charms of a fantasy action drama as the plot takes place after the establishment of the Joseon dynasty. 

Jang Dong-yoon stars as Prince Chungnyeong, a bookish young man who is forced into battle to protect Joseon from the undead. Kam Woo Sung stars as King Taejong, a cold-blooded monarch who sets out to control the evil spirits who have taken over the kingdom but secretly harbors a sense of guilt at the bloodshed he participated in to help his father establish the Joseon dynasty. Park Sung Hoon also stars as Prince Yangnyeong, who enters into a dangerous contract with the evil spirits in a desperate attempt to protect his loved ones.

Joseon Exorcist is slated to premiere on March 15th on SBS. It will be a 16-episode drama that will air on Mondays and Tuesdays. 



Word came out that this was supposed to air in February, however, due to schedule changes, its premiere was moved to March 3rd. For those who haven’t caught wind of what tvN’s new show is all about, Mouse is said to be the change, Kdrama fans are looking for when it comes to psychopath-themed shows. 

The upcoming thriller is penned down by Choi Ran, who is also known for shows such as Black, God’s Gift: 14 days, and Iljimae. This is her second time writing a story for Lee Seung Gi as they previously worked together on Iljimae. 

“Mouse” is a mystery thriller where psychopaths can be identified through a DNA test run on the womb of a mother. Rookie police officer, Jeong Ba-reum (Lee Seung-gi) and his partner Go Moo-chi (Lee Hee-joon), find themselves in a mad rush to unearth the truth behind psychopathic behaviours that also left the entire nation in fear. 

It is a suspenseful tale that asks its viewers, “What if we could identify psychopaths in advance?”



Navillera or Like a Butterfly, is a Korean drama about a retired mailman and a young man building a friendship through ballet. It is a webtoon-based drama of the same title, and it is one of the many webtoon adaptations for 2021. But this one in particular is said to be a real tearjerker. 

The story follows the life of Shim Deok-chul (Park In-hwan) a 70-year-old retired mailman who spent all his life hustling hard to support his family. Upon retirement, he decides to pursue his life-long dream of learning ballet – a decision that did not sit well with his family. 

At the dance academy, he meets Lee Chae-rok (Song Kang), a 23-year-old dancer who only knows how to play soccer. But after he witnessed a ballet performance, his interests started to change and he can’t put into words how he feels about the art. Soon enough he became interested in ballet after trying out different sports. His mother was a ballet dancer before she died of a disease when he was young. He is struggling financially and thinking about giving up ballet when he meets Deok-chul. He unexpectedly turns out to be the one to help him discover what his heart really desires through comforting advice. 

Theirs is a story of friendship between someone whose life is just starting to unfold, while the other is in his twilight years.  The K-drama will bring us to a realization that as cliché as it may seem—we only live once.  

Watch out for this 12-episode drama on March 22nd on tvN and Netflix. 

Oh! Master

Oh Master

Oh! Master is about the push-and-pull relationship between Han Bi-soo (Lee Min-ki), who is a critically-acclaimed screenwriter for thriller dramas, and Oh Joo-in (Nana), a famous actress who is also dubbed the “Rom-Com Queen.” 

While Bi-soo is an eligible bachelor and a really good catch, he remains single because he chooses not to date anybody. In a similar yet completely different circumstance, Joo-in is loved for her onscreen roles as a leading lady, but she somehow finds herself unable to date anyone. Their situations are bound to change, however, when they suddenly had to live together in the same living quarters. 

Lee, who started a career in television in 2004 has starred in many popular dramas, including tvN’s Because This Is My First Life (2017), JTBC’s The Beauty Inside (2018), and OCN’s The Lies Within (2019). Meanwhile, idol-turned-actress Nana is a member of the K-pop group After School who decided to venture into the world of television acting in 2014. She has appeared in tvN’s The Good Wife (2016), OCN’s Kill It (2019), and KBS2’s Justice (2019) and Memorials (2020).

Oh! Master will premiere on March 24th and it will air fresh episodes every Wednesday and Thursday. 

Revolutionary Sisters

Revolutionary Sisters

Are you down for some mystery thriller melodrama? March definitely has something lined up for you to enjoy from KBS2. 

The story starts when a mother was murdered while in the process of filing for a divorce. All of her immediate family members become potential suspects.

Lee Cheol Soo (Yoon Joo-sang) is the father of three daughters. He is strict when it comes to rules and principles, which is the reason he doesn’t get along with his daughters—all three of them. 

Throughout the series we get to see the stories of each daughter. Lee Kwang-nam (Hong Eun-hee ), the eldest, resents her father knowing that he put their mom through so much. Lee Kwang-shik (Jeon Hye-Bin), the middle child, is smart and principled who didn’t receive much love from her parents. Despite that, she still turned out okay. Lee Kwan-tae (Go Won-hee), their youngest, dances to the beat of her own drums. She works odd jobs to support herself and she has no desire in getting married. 

The anticipation is getting stronger for this new drama as it received massive, positive attention for including the importance of COVID-19 in its storyline. The teasers seemed to reveal that the plot will discuss and include the ongoing pandemic in the storyline. You’ll get to see main characters wearing masks and signs that indicated people to social distance with one another—realistic imagery of present times. 

Revolutionary Sisters, also known as OK Kwang Sisters, will premiere on March 13, 2021, after the end of Homemade Love Story. 

Summer Guys

Summer Guys

Summer Guys is the Korea Creative Content Agency’s selection for their 2020 new media (short-form broadcast) project. The series is about four youths who get together to revive an old cocktail bar at the beach. It is said to be like a Korean version of “Coyote Ugly” and “Cocktail,” as it revolves around themes like youth, dancing, and music.

This drama will introduce audiences to Fresh new faces to go with its interesting plot. It stars CNBLUE’s Lee Jung Shin, Kwon Hyun Bin, Gugudan’s Mina, and Lim Nayoung.

The production company shared that due to word-of-mouth about the script and production, a Chinese remake of the drama is already in the works even though the original is not yet complete. 

Summer Guys will air on March 30.

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