6 things we might see on the season 2 of squid game

6 Things We Might See on the Season 2 of Squid Game

The popularity of Squid Game has exploded worldwide making it the most popular series released on Netflix. This K-drama either triggered your curiosity or left you in disdain as it immediately served gore and shock value in its opening salvo of dead bodies. But for those who braved the heart-racing 9-episode drama, there were lessons to gain, but it also gave rise to several questions. With an open-ended finale, fans are left to wrestle with so many questions and a hope that a second season could be in the pipeline soon. 

For the sake of discussion, we want to think that these are the possible plot progression in season 2. 

Exploring Gong-Yoo’s character

gong yoo squid game

We were first given a sneak peek into the world of these high-stakes games when the recruiter, played by Gong-yoo, approached Gi-hun in the train station. All dapper but looking sly, we saw how he taunted the despondent Gi-hun with a game of ddakji and gave him a card in the first episode. Little did he know that this man was just preying on his desperation. 

Many were led to believe that Gong-yoo played a big role in this series, only to see him only in the first and last episodes.  Gi-hun saw him again baiting another man who also seemed down on his luck. But it’s curious how the train station was his preferred recruitment ground for desperate souls. It was also odd how he evaded Gi-hun in the end. Was he scared to feel a round of slapping, or something even worse? 

In the second season, we want to know more about this recruiter and what his role is in the bigger scheme of things. Was there more to his role than just attracting players? In an interview in The Hollywood Reporter, writer Hwang Dong-hyuk, also expressed interest in exploring this storyline further should there be a second season. We want to know how he came around doing all the recruitment, or is he like the Front Man who was also a previous player in the games. With a lot left undisclosed about the mysterious organization behind the games, there is also more to discover, starting with Gong-yoo’s character. 

Gi-hun seeking revenge

seong gi hun squid game

At the end of it all, we saw how the loss and trauma were more profound for Gi-hun than the money he won. So, it doesn’t come as a surprise if he wants to seek retribution, especially when he learned that they were just being used as pawns for the whims of the rich. In season two, it’s expected that he will navigate through his reckoning with the people who are designing the games. 

It was shown in episode 9 that when he tried to join again, he was advised to just get on the plane, although that sounded more of a warning. It is likely that if he finds his way back to that secluded facility, he should do so incognito—similar to how officer Hwang Jun-ho (Wi Ha-joon) weaseled his way in.

But with the fortune which he hardly touched, that should give him enough push to actualize whatever plans he has. While it may not be a match to what the organization has, the right plan and execution just might be enough to shake up the enemy. He might even find some unlikely alliance along the way.

It was established that the games have been going on for several years now. So, there could be other past winners who may just be as disgruntled as Gi-hun and are brave and rich enough to put up a fight.

The Front Man going face-to-face again with his brother

squid game lee byung hun

Jun-ho’s storyline was a true cliffhanger—no pun intended—because his risky efforts searching for his brother were met with betrayal. In episode 8, we saw that he never really got a fatal hit from the bullet his brother aimed at him. Therefore, it’s highly likely that he could have survived the fall.

It’s also worth noting that the Front Man could have directly aimed the shot to Jun-ho’s heart or his head, but he chose a “safer” spot instead. It would lead us to question if there was a real intent to kill. It’s possible that the Front Man was only forced to fire at his brother since there were soldiers behind him. He wouldn’t want to raise any suspicions about this mysterious intruder they were confronting. 

Season 2 may look into the dynamics of this relationship between the two brothers. It could play out the reason why the Front Man climbed up the ranks from player to being an integral part of the games. Was he in it out of choice? Or was he also trapped into the system? 

The Front Man could be a formidable foe, or he could turn a new leaf and also fight against the big bosses behind the games. With all that he knew, he could make real damage if he were to go against them. If anything should go down, it’s expected that his story and his relationship with his younger brother will be fleshed out in the next season. 

Bringing the organ harvesting ring to light

squid game episode

Besides the fatal versions of well-known kid’s games going on above ground, we were also aware that there is an organ-harvesting ring on the down-low. By choosing good organ donors from those who died in the games, some of the soldiers ran clandestine operations to harvest viable organs.

It was established that the organization behind the games had nothing to do with all these since they punished those involved by hanging them for all the players to see. It’s possible that there were more people involved in that operation than just those they hanged, and it’s certain that their business got interrupted after losing that stream of smuggled organs.

This can be another layer of trouble for those behind the games. Of course, we also want to see if they are as big as the moneyed individuals behind this twisted leisure activity.

A look at how police responds

squid game scene 1

While Jun-ho felt that he was cornered, we saw that he called for back-up from his station. Annoyingly, he was just met with so many questions until he only ran out of time. 

Police response is one of the common problems not only in South Korea but in other countries as well. So, it would be interesting to see how the real authorities will respond to that call. Will they be efficient enough and driven to bring down the organization?

That entire journey to justice will be another interesting plotline to follow. But, it’s also possible that the organization’s influence has infiltrated the force which is why they were able to operate for so long, killing off so many players, and still not a whiff of their activities have reached the authorities. The number of missing persons could have reached by the thousands, and that is a big scandal should all these come to light. 

Games going abroad

squid game vip 1

It was mentioned by one of the VIPs that the games in Korea that year were the most exciting. This alludes to the fact that there were more versions of these death games around the world with rich men betting on the outcomes. With that said, there’s also no guarantee that a continuation would follow the next game in Korea. 

The first game was presumably founded in Korea, since Oh Il-nam (Oh Young-soo) was involved, so it’s safe to believe that another country’s game may become the subject in the next season.

While we may be shooting for the stars with these presumptions and predictions, we can only wait for inspiration to strike Hwang Dong-hyuk. He has repeatedly expressed that there are no “well-developed plans” yet for a second season. But with a widespread clamor for continuation, we hope that something will be in the works soon. 

Do you have other things to add to what we shared here? We would like to hear all about it in the comments!

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