5 K Drama Releases To Watch Out For In April 2021

4 K-Drama Releases to Watch Out for in April 2021

Doesn’t it seem like we were just coming into March and then suddenly were jumping right into April? What K-dramas have you been following so far? If you’re looking for more thrills to spice up the new month, there are 5 new releases to look forward to! See if anything on this list tickles your fancy. 

Taxi Driver / Deluxe Taxi

Taxi Driver

Kim Dok-ki (Lee Je-hoon) graduated from the Naval Academy and then went on to work with the Underwater Demolition Team. He becomes this mysterious driver for the Rainbow Taxi Company. But this is no ordinary taxi company because the company offers a special “revenge call” service. Clients can call them to exact vengeance on behalf of individuals who are unable to get justice from the law. Dok-ki also has a personal attachment for the work he does having had a mother who was murdered by a serial killer. 

Meanwhile, Go Eun (Pyo Ye-jin) works as the company’s IT specialist, although others consider her a hacker. She plays an integral part in this whole operation. Together, they help people who could not help themselves. 

You may be familiar with Lee Je-hoon from previous projects such as Signal and Where the Stars Land. Just recently, Lee Na-eun left the cast following bullying accusations made against her. Pyo Ye-jin was signed to play Go Eun. Her last projects include VIP, What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim, and Fight for My Way. 

This drama is based on the webcomic “Mobeomtaxi” and it is slated to take over the time slot previously held by “Penthouse”. Taxi Driver will air on April 9th, and you can catch this every Friday and Saturdays at 10 PM on SBS. 

Law School

Law School

Law School revolves around South Korea’s top law school, and how a group  of students and professors get entangled in an unusual case. So if you’re into legal dramas, or if you’re a solid Kim Bum fan who is still reeling from his duality in the Tale of the Nine-Tailed, this one’s for you! 

In this drama, Kim Bum transforms into Han Joon Hwi, a first-year law student who seems to be the “perfect” guy on campus for his intelligence, charm, and leadership skills. However, not everything is what it seems because he keeps a secret. 

Ryu Hye Young who we first come to know as Reply 1988’s Song Bo-ra will also play a law school freshman named Kang Sol. She works extra hard so she can get into law school. 

Raised in poverty, Kang Sol goes through the highs and lows of being in a different social class. This role shows some similarities to the one she played in Reply 1988, as she also got into law school even in the face of poverty. For this project, we see a more well-rounded character who learns the true essence of being a lawyer. 

Meanwhile, Lee Jung-eun, who is best known for her role in the Oscar-winning film “Parasite,” will play Kim Eun-sook, a judge-turned-professor who used to be the head of the law school’s legal clinic for free legal services. Kim Myung-min also joins the cast as Yang Jong-hoon, a former prosecutor who turned into a criminal law professor. 

Together, these main characters make up a tough legal team of professors and students. Audiences can expect this series to air on April 14 at 8 P.M. on JTBC—the same South Korean broadcasting company that brought us well-received dramas like The World Of The Married, Itaewon Class, and Sky Castle.

Chronicle of Haunted Real Estate / Real Estate Exorcism

Chronicle Of Haunted Real Estate

This KBS2 drama is an occult drama that follows Hong Ji-ah (Jang Na-ra), an exorcist who owns Daebak Real Estate. She appears to be well put-together, but behind her beautiful appearance, she is actually a hot-tempered broker with an affinity for unusual properties. 

Ji-ah uses her exorcist skills which she got from her mom to deal with “possessed” properties and get rid of stubborn spirits. One day, she comes across Oh In-beom (Jung Yong-hwa), a swindler who pretends to exorcise ghosts even though he doesn’t believe in them but he does this only to extort money from unsuspecting individuals. The two come together to uncover mysteries that surround the different haunted properties. Along the way, they inevitably discover the truth behind the death of Ji-ah’s mother which happened twenty years ago. 

Get ready to be spooked out as it airs on April 14 at 8:30 P.M. on KBS2 as a Wednesday-Thursday drama that will take over the “Hello Me” timeslot. 

Dark Hole 

Dark Hole is a sci-fi thriller and a survival story against humans turning into mutated monsters after inhaling a mysterious black smoke from the sinkhole of Muji City.

In the middle of all this chaos is Lee Hwa-sun (Kim Ok-vin), a detective at the regional investigation unit of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency. She receives a phone call from the person who murdered her husband, which prompted her to go to Muji City where people are turning into monsters. As the residents shudder in fear with what’s taking over their city, Hwa-sun struggles to save people while coming after her husband’s murderer.

Meanwhile, Yoo Tae-han (Lee Joon-hyuk) is a native of Muji City. He is a former police officer who had to quit the force due to a scandal that stemmed from a misunderstanding. He has a carefree personality, but also a strong sense of justice. He has always remained proud of his days as a law enforcer. His sense of duty to protect people was tested when he saw his hometown collapse into chaos.

When he meets Hwa-sun amidst the confusion and terror that has taken over Muji, they come together to investigate what’s behind the dark hole and save others from danger.

For those who may not be familiar with Kim Ok-vin, the 34-year-old stunner is a South Korean actress and taekwondo expert. She started as a beauty queen in a 2004 internet beauty contest, and she is known for her roles in the film The Villainess, and the Korean drama Arthdal Chronicles.

Lee Joon Hyuk who debuted in the TV drama, The First Wives Club in 2007. His recent work includes Stranger 1 & 2, The Lies Within, and Designated Survivor: 60 Days. 

Mark your calendars because before April concludes, “Dark Hole” will take over OCN’s Sat. & Sun. 22:30 time slot previously occupied by “Times.”

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