10 superhero korean dramas worth watching

10 Superhero K-Dramas Worth Watching

Not all heroes wear capes. In Korean dramas, they all come in different backgrounds and stories with their own set of superpowers.

Saving the day doesn’t always mean getting people out of burning buildings. These stories are about totally imperfect beings with their shortcomings but chose to rise to the occasion.

This makes for an interesting genre that you should look into if you want to find a good series to binge-watch. So, if you’re into supernatural dimensions, check out these 10 superhero dramas. 

Strong Girl Bong Soon

strong girl bong soon

This 2017 drama is a lighthearted rom-com with a hero-esque female lead. It’s about a woman named Do Bong Soon (Park Bo Young), who has the gift of incredible strength which was passed down to all the women in their family. At the onset, we see that one of Bong Soon’s concerns is learning how to manage her unbridled strength which betrays her small frame. While grappling with her secret superpower, she must only use it for good or risk losing it. Interestingly enough, Bong Soon often found herself in several situations where she had to use her strength to save people who are in trouble.

With its comical humor, loveable love triangle, and hilarious supporting cast, this drama is a 17-episode laugh-out-loud fest. Bong Soon amazes us with her strength, but we also get to follow her journey into fully accepting herself and what she’s capable of.  

I Hear Your Voice 

i hear your voice

If you were given the power to read people’s minds, do you think it’s a blessing or a curse? I Hear Your Voice shows how this ability can be quite powerful. The story cleverly shows how it can be harnessed to facilitate crime-solving and romantic pursuits between the lead couple. 

This all started when an accident left Park Soo Ha (Lee Jong Suk) with the ability to read people’s minds simply by looking into their eyes. Years later, this gift soon comes in handy as he uses it to help solve cases that would help the powerless. But will this be enough to convict when tricky courtroom calisthenics have a strong chance of bending the truth? 



This drama is about high school student Ahn Dae Yong (Dong Joon), who got into a near-fatal accident while talking to his girlfriend Joo Hee Kyung (Sun Joo Ah) on the top of a second story building. Dae Yong fell and landed on a car below. He was rushed to the hospital and ended up in a coma, but made a miraculous recovery. He then develops the ability to predict potential murderers and those who are about to die. Those destined to die soon appear to have red eyes, while those who are about to commit murder have blue eyes. Dae Yong uses this power to save lives and become an unexpected hero for the people. 

Aftermath is a short suspenseful drama with only ten minutes to tell a story. Hence, the story gets straight into the central plot of Dae Yong’s story. Between stopping a person’s death and his struggle to establish a romantic relationship, can he ever get his life back to normal again, or will he be destined to be something more? 

The Girl Who Sees Smells 

the girl who sees smells

In this drama, Shin Se Kyung stars as Choi Eun Seol, a girl who sees smells. She lost her parents to a gruesome serial murder and is on a run for her life, only to be hit by a car and fall into a coma. She woke up half a year later to find that her left eye had turned green which allowed her to see smells. These smells manifest through colors and shapes, which makes them noticeable.

Eun Seol struggled with this new gift at first, but she uses this power to help solve serial murder cases. The cases in this series are actually quite serious and scary, yet the drama remains cheerful and bright with its comedic moments. Like the human version of police dogs, this gift truly came in handy when running after elusive criminals. 

Bring It On Ghost 

bring it on ghost

This drama is about a ghost and a human working together to exercise evil ghosts. It stars Taecyeon who plays a young man called Park Bong Pal who, since his young age, has been able to see and touch ghosts and demons. He was raised by a ghost-hunting, alcoholic monk after the death of his mother and the disappearance of his father. He makes money by secretly hunting and defeating ghosts.

While making money on the side, Bong Pal puts this superpower to good use. Rather than just avoiding and dodging these dark and creepy souls, our hero teams up with his ghost girlfriend to rid the evil spirits for good.

Blade Man 

blade man

Joo Hong Bin (Lee Dong Wook) is the CEO of a game company where all the employees are afraid of him. He may be at the top of his game, but he is an arrogant man with an anger problem. One day, Hong Bin literally turns into a monster. Whenever he gets angry blades to spring out from his body. When this happens, he rages destructively around the city. One day, Hong Bin goes to the hospital to visit his employees who were beaten by him. There, he gets a whiff of an intoxicating scent coming from a woman named Son Se Dong (Shin Se Kyung). 

When blades spring from his back and he ranges destructively around the city. One day, Hong Bin goes to the hospital to see his employees who were beaten by him. There, he notices an intoxicating scent, coming from a woman named Se Dong. Will this mysterious woman be the change that will unlock the potential superhero hiding behind all that anger?

While You Were Sleeping

while you were sleeping

This drama has not one, but three characters sharing the same superpower. Suzy, Lee Jong Suk, and Jung Hae In as Nam Hong Joo, Jung Jae Chan, and Han Woo Tak, are people from different walks of life who can see the future in their dreams. Being a reporter, a prosecutor, and a police officer, the three characters come together to keep their ominous visions from leaving dreamland.

While You Were Sleeping is a popular drama because it gives a clear delineation of the heroes versus villain showdown without exaggerating. The quick-witted main leads maneuver the tale through their shared visions and they patiently tackle the maze-like journey to resolve the final conflict. 



In the Memorist, Yoo Seung Ho, plays Dong Baek, a gifted detective with a volatile temper. He works on a serial killer case with Han Sun Mi (Lee Se Young), a self-assured, maverick criminal profiler with an unconventional attitude. Yoo Seung Ho has the gift of reading people’s memories, which proved to be very practical during his investigations, and it even makes him a certified psychic. Like a superhero with a heart, his power allows him to empathize with victims by feeling their pain. This emotional investment is what drives him to solve his cases.

Can this unconventional crime-busting pair put an end to the wicked mastermind’s exploits? And can they combine their – albeit very different – powers in an effort to stop the killings? The idea of there being another superpowered human is brought up very early on, and this only adds to the suspense of the story.



In this widely popular K-drama, our hero is a 939-year-old immortal goblin who doesn’t age and cannot die. Having the capacity to live eternally may seem like a great superpower to have, but after living on earth for nearly a thousand years and seeing things come and go, it inevitably becomes a lonely journey. 

For several lifetimes, Kim Shin has searched for his bride, a mortal who can pull out the sword and end his life. In this story, we see how a seemingly powerful being becomes vulnerable when he finally meets the person he has waited for centuries. Will he still seek the end of his life when he gets to see his bride?

Vampire Prosecutor

vampire prosecutor

Prosecutor Min Tae Yeon (Yeon Jung Hoon) is bitten by somebody and becomes a Vampire. Despite these new abilities as a vampire, he is still devoted to living a righteous life. He uses his newfound abilities as a Vampire to prosecute powerful persons. However, a mysterious case points to a vampire as the perpetrator. This led Tae Yeon to believe that he is not the only vampire which led him to ponder the reason for his transformation and the hidden motives. 

In the second season, Min Tae Yeon continues to investigate unsolved murder cases. No one, except for Detective Hwang Soon Bum, knows that Tae Yeon was bitten seven years ago and acquired vampire powers. They work together to solve murder cases, and each time Tae Yeon uses his “powers” to find leads on seemingly unsolvable cases. 

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