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jo eun

Jo Eun

Jo Eun is a South Korean actress who is known for her tall figure and short haircut that makes her look male. She is known for her role in the second season of the coming-of-age drama Hello, My Twenties!

ji woo

Ji Woo

Ji Woo is a South Korean actress signed under King Kong by Starship. She is known for her role in the coming-of-age drama Hello, My Twenties!

park hye su

Park Hye-su

Park Hye-su is a South Korean actress and singer. She participated in K-pop Star 4 as a contestant, but her claim to fame was her role in Hello, My Twenties! She then took on her first lead role in Introverted Boss.

ryu hwa young

Ryu Hwa-young

Ryu Hwayoung, is a South Korean actress and singer who is a former member of South Korean girl group T-ara. Ryu debuted as an actress in the two-episode drama special Mother’s Choice where She successfully made a transition into acting after earning praise for her roles in tvN’s romantic comedy Ex-Girlfriends’ Club.

han seung yeon

Han Seung-yeon

Seung-yeon debuted as main vocalist of Kara on M! Countdown on March 29, 2007. She made her acting debut as a child actress in a small part in Dear Ends (1993). Her career now extends in singing, acting, and hosting.

han ye ri

Han Ye-ri

Han Ye Ri first drew attention in the 2012 sports drama As One, where she played the role of a real-life North Korean table tennis athlete Yu Sun-bok. She played her first mainstream leading roles in the action thrillers Commitment (2013) and Haemoo (2014), and romantic film A Dramatic Night (2015). She also extended her work in TV dramas, indie films and even made a Hollywood debut in the movie Minari.

choi yu hwa

Choi Yu-hwa

Choi Yu-hwa is a South Korean actress who forayed into acting after winning the Fashion Model Award at the fashion magazine CeCi’s Model Contest in 2005. She debuted in the one-act Drama Special “The Great Gye Choon-bin”, and has since starred in several well-known dramas such as, Class of Lies, My Dangerous Wife, and River Where the Moon Riises.

han ji min

Han Ji-min

Han Ji-min is a South Korean actress who starred in notable minor roles in All In and Dae Jang Geum. Han eventually had her breakout role in revenge series Resurrection in 2005 which was soon followed by leading roles in dramas like Capital Scandal, Rooftop Prince, Familiar Wife, and The Light in Your Eyes.

kim hye ja

Kim Hye-ja

Kim Hye-ja is a South Korean actress who is best known by the South Korean audiences as the archetypal mother figure. She attracted international critical acclaim in the 2009 noir thriller Mother In 2019, and she also gained critical acclaim for her work in The Light in Your Eyes.

lee elijah

Lee Elijah

Lee Elijah is a South Korean actress who debuted in the 2013 tvN’s drama Basketball. She is best known for portraying villainous roles such as the evil mistress in The Last Empress. After a series of major supporting roles, Lee then landed a lead role in JTBC’s The Good Detective.

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