This drama is about a septuagenarian retired postman named Shim Deok-chul (Park In-hwan) and his life-long dream of performing Swan Lake on stage. Though his goal is simple enough, he had to face several challenges along the way.

First, he encountered an instructor who doesn’t take him seriously and doesn’t give him a chance. Second, his family was not on board with his plan. Lastly, he may not be able to fulfill his dream before his Alzheimer’s advance eventually making him unable to do so. 

Meanwhile, Lee Chae-rok (Song Kang), is a 23-year-old man who is involved in different sports like baseball, swimming, and soccer, but he wasn’t talented in any of them. He then finds interest in ballet. His mother was a ballet dancer, but she succumbed to a disease when Lee Chae-rok was young. His father later went bankrupt. This left Lee Chae-rok in a bind because it’s becoming difficult for him to support himself and his love for ballet. Going through hard times, his desire for ballet fades away. At this time, Shim Deok-chul appears in front of him.

The two develop an unlikely friendship as they pursue a common love for ballet, but learning more about life along the way.

Episode List:

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Main Cast:

Park In Hwan
Park In-hwan (Shim Deok-chul) Main Role
Song Kang
Song Kang (Lee Chae-rok) Main Role
Na Moon Hee
Na Moon-hee (Choi Hae-nam) Main Role
Hong Seung Hee
Hong Seung-hee (Shim Eun-ho) Main Role

Show Details:

First Episode Release : March 22, 2021
Number of Seasons : 1
Number of Episodes : 12
Genres :
Publisher : Netflix, tvN
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