Wi Dae-han (Song Seung-heon) is a former politician. He was forced to step down from his seat in parliament as the media discovered a secret about his family, derailing his career. He dreams of a return to politics.

He believe his wish may just come true when he meets a young woman, Da-Jung (Roh Jeong-eui) who tells him that her mother who has been supporting her family of 4 children, had been killed in a traffic accident. She asks him to help care of them. Wi Dae-han accepts Da-Jung and her 3 younger siblings. He plays the role of a doting stepfather and hopes to gain popularity to be elected to become a politician again.

However, things get complicated for him when justice-loving current affairs TV show writer Jung Soo Hyun (Lee Sun-bin) steps back into his life. She and Wi Dae-han met at college, and he was her first love, but family pressures eventually tore them apart.

Will Jung Soo-hyun’s sense of justice help reform Wi Dae-han? Can they re-ignite their former romance? And will Wi Dae-han turn into the warm-hearted family man he is now only pretending to be?

Episode List:

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Main Cast:

Song Seung Hun 400x400
Song Seung-heon (Wi Dae-han) Main Role
Lee Sun Bin 400x400
Lee Sun-bin (Jung Soo-hyun) Main Role
Lim Ju Hwan 400x400
Lim Ju-hwan (Kang Joon-ho) Main Role
Roh Jeong Eui 400x400
Roh Jeong-eui (Han Da-jung) Supporting Role

Show Details:

First Episode Release : August 26, 2019
Former Politician Show
Number of Episodes : 16
Genres : , ,
Publisher : TVN
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