Genre: Family

Modern Farmer

Modern Farmer

ExSo was a band of four members who uprooted from Seoul for a life in the countryside so they can start over and make money so they can fund their dream album.

Angel Eyes 400x600

Angel Eyes

Yoon Soo-wan and Park Dong-joo were each other’s first loves. They were forced to separate due to some painful family circumstances. Soo-wan, who is blind, undergoes an eye transplant surgery that restores her sight. 12 years later, they meet again. However, she is engaged to a neurosurgeon. Will Dong-Joo and Soo-wan get back together?

The Great Show 400x600

The Great Show

Wi Dae-han is a former politician who took in a girl, Da-jung and her three siblings when their mother died. Together they grew as a family and put on ‘the great show’ for him to become a politician again. Jung Soo-hyun is his former love in college and a current affairs writer with a sense of justice.

Pinocchio 400x600


A story based on Choi In-ha (Park Shin-hye) who has Pinocchio syndrome, hiccuping when she lies, and Choi Dal-po (Lee Jong-suk) who has incredible memory.

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