Doctor John: Episode 09

Doctor John Ep09 01

Shi-young goes rock-climbing at a hill together with her father. On the way up the hill, they pause for a while and have a small chat. Her father told her that he interviewed the interns yesterday, and they gave all sorts of answers to why they became doctors. He asked her if she remember her answer then.  She replied that it is probably something cheesy.

Her dad responds that such an answer is not necessary, as newbie doctors do not really have answers to that.

As they continue their climb up the hill top, her dad makes a climb up. The hook was not mounted properly on the rock. It loosens, and he falls down the hill instead. Shi-young screams for her dad as she sees her him falling down.

Doctor John Ep09 02

Shi-young found her dad, bleeding and lying face down at the bottom of the hill slope. She checks on him. As she calls him, he awakens and screams. He is hurting at a side of his stomach area, bleeding profusely.

She tries to stop the bleeding by pressing her hands on the wound area, crying and calling him simultaneously. She calls 119 for help using her mobile phone that they are at Mount Sumun, informing them that her dad has fell.

Shi-young encourages her dad to remain conscious as help is on the way. Dark falls and the help is not here yet. She tries to lift her dad up but he stops her.

She then tells him then no one is coming as her phone broke down. She thought that someone would pass by. That is why they need to move soon.

Doctor John Ep09 03

Upon hearing that, her dad drops tears and tells her that it hurts so much. Just then, they heard an announcement from their radio. The person reported that the police are searching Mount Sumun for a person.

Shi-young tells her dad that her mum must have reported them missing. The reporter continues to add on that due to the ongoing blizzard, the police have decided to stop the search. They will resume the search once the weather clears up.

Her dad tells her that it will take 12 hours until morning comes. But at his current state, he will not be able to last another hour.

He asks her to explain his state using visual analogue scale.

Shi-young replies, ‘Compound fractures. Pelvic fracture. Massive bleeding and hypothermia. In this case, VAS (Pain Measuring Scale) is eight, nine, ten.’.

Doctor John Ep09 04

Her dad told her she is right. Theoretically and clinically speaking, that’s how they taught her. But she is wrong. He said that the moment when you feel the most pain is when you realize that you will not get better and lose hope.

He asks her to let go of her hand. She refuses.

He adds on that she is not killing him, but making him feel at peace. He then tells her the only way a doctor can always save lives is to only take care of patients who will not die to begin with.

He coughed, told her to release her hand again and fainted. She calls for him…

Doctor John Ep09 05

It comes back to the current day where Shi-young asks her mum, Chief Min, to stop performing the CPR. She says that her dad is in pain. Chief Min stared blankly into space at her husband. Mi-rae steps into the room and asks them why they are stopping the CPR. She attempts to perform CPR on him again.

Shi-young asks her to stop, but she pushes her away. The heart rate monitor attached to her dad sounded an alarm suddenly. His heart rate is back normally. He survives.

Mi-rae slaps Shi-young. The surrounding doctors are shocked to see that.

She scolded Shi-young for asking their mum to stop the CPR. She questioned her if she wanted to kill their dad again.

The doctors are asked to leave the VIP room.

Doctor John Ep09 06

Dr Min Joo-kyeong (Shi-young’s aunt) tells Shiy-young that she knows that her dad is in pain. Bu they can still detect his brainwave activity. So he cannot be considered brain dead.

Shi-young responds that the chances of him recovering is pretty low.

Mi-rae asks her mum if she is saying they should remove the medical ventilator. She does not want that to happen.

She scolded Shi-young for stopping her mum from performing the CPR. She adds that she just want him to be alive even if he is bedridden like this.

Shi-young then replies that even though they can feel his hand, warmth, he also feels pain. They may be prolonging his pain rather than his life.

Mi-rae shouted back at her if she even cares for him, and if he regains his consciousness but is no longer able to live a normal life, Shi-young will probably end up struggling even more.

She is not going to give up on him. Mi-rae gives Shi-young a push on her shoulders and walk off the room.

Doctor John Ep09 07

Shi-young went to her usual corner in the hospital and thought about what Dr Cha has told her previously. Some people think that he does not deserve to be a doctor again. But he does not care about them.

He cares more about the patients that are in front of him. He hopes that she thinks the same way.

Doctor John Ep09 08

Elsewhere at the hospital café, Dr Min Min Joo-kyeong tries to calm Mi-rae down as she feels that she looks very angry earlier. But she knows she is not.

She is not upset because she is angry at Shi-young. Mi-rae is scared that she will lose her dad.

Back at the Pain Management Center, Dr Lee tries to cheer everyone up by buying Americano for all the doctors and nurses. He and the other doctors then cheer all up by acting as a Dracula.

All of them thank Dr Lee for it.

Doctor John Ep09 09

Elsewhere at the hospital, Chief Min and lawyer Han have a discussion. Lawyer Han tells her that the chairman case is quite complicated. Firstly, the family needs to approve. Then, the ethics commission will have to discuss what to do. If they do a brainwave test on him, he will not be considered brain dead.

If she wants to remove the ventilator in that state, it will not be a legal way of ending his life-prolonging treatment. It will be considered as death with dignity. He asked her if she is really considering to do that to the chairman.

Doctor John Ep09 10

Lawyer Han arranged to meet Yo-han at a restaurant. As he enters the restaurant, he sees on TV news reporting on a case that prosecutor Son Seok Ki is in charge. The case was about a robber who is accused of homicide. However, prosecutor demanded life imprisonment instead of capital punishment for the trial instead.

He believes that capital punishment is the same thing as murder. Every single act that takes away someone’s life is an act of murder. There are no exceptions to murder.

He will not respond to murder by committing murder.

Lawyer Han shared with Yo-han regarding it and said that what he said today was similar to what he said three years ago during the final argument of Yo-han’s case.

Doctor John Ep09 11

At Yo-han’s case three years ago, prosecutor Son said that a meaningless life-prolonging treatment could violate the patient’s right to dignity and freedom to choose.

He continued that Cha Yo-han, the defendant ended that meaningless life-prolonging treatment. However, the basis of all basic human rights that are written in the constitution is the right to live.

The defendant injected a lethal dose of anaesthetics and violated the basic human rights of Yoon Seong Kyu, which was his right to live. A living being has dignity, value and rights only when he or she is alive.

What will any of that matter once that person is dead?

A doctor’s duty is to save their patients. No doctor in the world can kill a patient and say he did his duty. Such a doctor should not exist. Even if it was because of a disease, malpractice, or euthanasia.

Doctor John Ep09 12

Lawyer Han asks Yo-han if prosecutor has visited him. He suspects that he has due to yesterday’s protest at the hospital.

He then asks Yo-han if he has hear about Chairman Kang. Chief Min asked him about his mercy killing. Lawyer feels that it is a highly controversial issue and can end up in court.

If the chairman’s death is ever discussed, there is no way Son Seok Ki will not get involved. He warned Yo-han not to get involved in the case as it involves his resident’s father. Even if Shi-young has met Yo-han in prison and has nothing to do with it, prosecutor Son will stich the two of them up.

Lawyer Han tells Yo-han to be careful and pretend not to know about the chairman’s condition and most importantly, do not give advice.

Doctor John Ep09 13

Just then, Yo-han recalled that the day Yoon Seong Kyu died, an insect got into his office. On any other day, he would have killed it without thought. But that day, he could not kill the it. He felt the weight of life on my hands.

Elsewhere, Shi-young sits on the floor of the Pain Management Center, looking through some old message exchanges with her father. Suddenly, she gets up and leave the hospital hurriedly.

Doctor John Ep09 14

Yo-han continues thinking as he heads home after the dinner with Laywer Han. Yoon Seong Kyu and him are not related at all. He was actually a heinous criminal who killed two children. Despite that, as he injected him a lethal dose of medicine which would kill him, he felt so afraid and had a heavy heart.

For Shi-young’s case, it was her father. With her own hands, she stopped her father’s heart.

Yo-han was sitting at the bus stop as Shi-young ran past him.

Shi-young went around near the hospital area searching for the restaurant where she took a photo with her dad then. Yo-han followed her.

Doctor John Ep09 15

He walks towards her, asking her if she is looking for a restaurant.

Shi-young replies him that she does not remember the place. No matter how hard she thinks, she cannot remember the last place she had dinner with her dad. She said she will have enjoy the meal then if she knows that it will be their last meal together.

He then said he will help her to search for it.

They walk and walk until they reach a restaurant, and stop at the entrance. Yo-han goes in first and asks her to join him. He tells her that her father will not want her to starve.

She thanked him for the meal.

Doctor John Ep09 16

At the hospital, Dr Lee Yoo-joon notices that a Ahjumoni (old lady) seems to be lost. He approaches her and ask which department she is going to. She replies ICU, and he tells her that he will show her there.

He chases after a lift that is closing. When he enters together with the old lady, he notices Dr Mi-rae in it as well. When the lift reaches the ICU floor, he informs the old lady and tells her to direction to the ICU after she alights. She thanks him and leave.

Dr Lee next ask Dr Mi-rae in the lift if she has feed the cat yesterday. She acknowledges it. He asks her how as the food can get soggy when it rains. She replies that she feed it with bagged food. Basically, she put the dry food in a plastic bag. It stays dry and the cat knows how to eat it.

He agrees that it is a good idea and he will feed it today, if she does not mind. The lift opens just then. He apologizes to her for asking silly questions and tell her he will see her later.

Doctor John Ep09 17

Dr Heo enters the meeting room in the Pain Management Hospital Station and announces that there is a huge news. He informs everyone that Dr Cha is now a well-known doctor. Dr Cha is in the news as the doctor who saved the martial arts fighter, Joo Hyung Woo.

In a recent interview, Joo Hyung Woo praised and thanked Dr Cha generously. He even said that he owed him his hope for the future.

As the doctors head toward the Pain Management center, they continue to chat about Dr Cha. One of them said so what if he becomes famous. Their Pain Management Center will still be empty and quiet again today.

Just then, the lift opens and they exit. They notice that there are a lot of people on their level today. They thinks that it is possibly the protesters from yesterday.

Doctor John Ep09 18

As they head towards the Center, one lady mistakes Dr Heo as Dr Cha, the famous doctor. He tries to tell the people to head towards the Center and he attempts to walk away. Dr Heo was stopped by them. He asks them to leave him alone.

Just then, Dr Cha and Dr Lee walk down the stairs and saw the scene, full of people. Dr Cha looks excited, scanning through the list of patients there.

Both Dr Cha and Dr Lee smile. The Pain Management Center will never be the same again.

Doctor John Ep09 19


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