Doctor John: Episode 08

Doctor John Ep08 01

Shi-young washes up to clear her tears. Just then, she receives a call from Uncle Jeong-nam. They met at a barbeque restaurant. He wants to celebrate her return back to work.

She told him that inmate 6238 (Cha Yo-han) is also working at her hospital. Jeong-nam was shocked to hear that. He is not aware of it.

At this moment, Yo-han comes. Jeong-nam has invited him for dinner as well. She tries to leave. But bump right into him and end up directing him to his seat instead. Lol.

Jeong-nam thought it was interesting that the both of them, Yo-han and Shi-young, met each other again as teacher and student. Who would have known?

He is so happy that they keep seeing each other.

Doctor John Ep08 02

Elsewhere, Dr Lee Yoo-joon goes to his mum’s restaurant to have dinner. His mum prepared large containers of kimchi and a bag of rice for him to bring home as well. He tells his mum he does not even have time to cook at home.

She asks him to cook at the hospital instead. Lol. How can he cook at the hospital? She is happy that her son is closer to her now.

Dr Lee then starts to ask her about her health and reminds her not to overwork. She cannot get any worse than this. She replies to him to stop nagging at her.

Just then, he remembers the containers of kimchi and rice she has prepared for him, looks at them and raises his voice that he is not taking them back! Never! (but he did. Lol!)

Doctor John Ep08 03

As he carries those containers of kimchi and rice back to his employee apartment, he sees a kitten. He bought some cat food and feeds it.

At this moment, Dr Mi-rae comes by. She tells him that he should not have given the food in the manner he did as the edges are too sharp. It may cut the kitten’s tongue. She brings out a plate to put the cat food, and another plate with water for the kitten.

The kitten starts eating. Nice!

He tells her that he heard that Dr Kang (Shi-young) is her sister. Dr Mi-rae acknowledges it and asks him how he gets to know her. He responds when Dr Kang was a medical officer at the prison, he worked at the hospital nearby.

She brought a patient over. He adds that its fascinating how three people from the prison go reunited.

She was puzzled and asked him why three people?

He replied Dr Cha was at the prison too, and that was where she gets to know Dr Cha too. He jokingly asks if Dr Kang and her are close. Dr Mi-rae changes her face and stands up, causing him to fall. She tells him they are not close and asks him to find out more from Dr Heo Jun.

Doctor John Ep08 04

Uncle Jeong-nam, Shi-young and Dr Cha leave the restaurant. Jeong-nam asks Dr Cha to take care of Shi-young. He asks him why he says that. He tells him that she is not able to tell Dr Cha everything but … Before he can complete it, Jeong-nam was dragged into the taxi by Dr Cha.

Jeong-nam tells Shi-young that Dr Cha praises her.

She was puzzled and followed him behind. He turns back and asks her, ‘What did you well?”.

He continues that she does not do as he says. It was hard for her to do as he said but not anymore. She does things before he tells her to, and sometimes she questions about his order.

Doctor John Ep08 05

She then tells him that her patient is not dead yet. He is in their hospital for over a year, in a vegetative state. The patient whose heart she stopped.

She shared with him that she went to his room for the first time today.

She asks him if he has any regrets. To reduce his patient’s suffering, if the only way out is death, will he kill the patient?

He replied that he was the doctor in charge of managing the patient’s pain. Pain management is meant to give enough painkillers to knock the patient out so he wouldn’t feel pain, then to reduce the dose so he wouldn’t die and feel pain again.

He feared to becoming a murderer. So for over two months, he kept the patient barely alive, and in pain, in the name of pain management, while hating himself for using the fact that he killed two kids as an excuse.

Doctor John Ep08 06

Over those two months, he never asked me to save him. He never asked me to kill him.

He then said, ‘Can I kill the patient?”

You asked the wrong question. You do not kill to end or avoid suffering. You solve the suffering even if it results in death. His patient asked him to end the pain. Even if it meant he died.

What he did to Yoon Seong Kyu for two months was not treatment. It was torture. But he did not regret it. He was very afraid though.

She then said that she is afraid too. However, she is unsure about what she did, and cannot say for sure that she does not have any regrets.

He adds that rather than a doctor who doesn’t fear himself, a patient needs a doctor who does. She is doing well.

Yo-han then says goodbye to her and walks off.

Doctor John Ep08 07

Next day at the hospital, Dr Cha visits Hyung Woo at his VIP room. They had a chat. Yo-han heard that he is feeling much better. He is glad.

Hyung Woo responds that he is right. He does not take away a patient’s life, or extend it either. He let his patient live his full life. Hyung Woo thanks Dr Cha sincerely. They then have some fun together when Dr Cha did an uppercut on him.

Doctor John Ep08 08

After Dr Cha left Hyung Woo’s room, he met Chief Min. Chief Min tells him she is not always an oldie.

There was a time when she wanted to heal people, not their illness. But she is still not sure if that is the best. She adds that they are scientists who finds answers from illness, but humans are an organism with no answers.

Doctor John Ep08 09

As they parted, Chief Min receives a call. Elsewhere, Dr Mi-rae also receives a call and rushes out of the Pain Management Station.

Dr Cha came back to the Pain Management Center. He notices that Shi-young and Mi-rae are not around and asks the remaining doctors.

He then realizes that their dad had a cardiac arrest at the moment.

As Dr Mi-rae runs towards the VIP isolation ward, someone said that it is ventricular fibrillation.

Dr Mi-rae called out to her dad frantically. Chief Min was there already. Chief Min asks for the defibrillator and tried to rescue him.

Doctor John Ep08 10

Just then, Mi-rae’s aunt, Dr Min Joo-kyeong, asks her where Shi-young is. She is not answering the phone.

Elsewhere at the Pain Management Center, Dr Heo Jun shared with Dr Cha and the rest of the doctors that are not aware of the accident that cause Shi-young’s dad to be in a vegetable state. He told them that Shi-young left the hospital after the accident.

At this point, Dr Cha recalled what Shi-young has told him previously. Her patient is not dead yet. He is in their hospital for over a year, in a vegetative state.

Dr Heo Jun receives a call from Dr Min Joo-kyeong asking for Shi-young. They then realizes that she is not up there at the VIP ward yet.

Dr Cha asks him to keep on calling her. He steps out of the room to look for her. He remembered her hiding in the hospital staircase once to cry then and think she is there likely.

Doctor John Ep08 11

Elsewhere in the hospital, Shi-young is crying desperately at staircase. Dr Cha found her. He calls her.

He reminds her again that there is a certain timing for each patient. If it is not then, it may be too late forever. A doctor must be ready to run. Now is the time for her to run.

She sobs and replies that he is her father and not just a patient. She is not a doctor but a daughter.

Yo-han tells her that she is a daughter and doctor as well instead. Right now, her father needs both.

Shi-young reaches the VIP isolation ward. She enters the room and saw her mum trying to perform CPR for her dad. She recalls her dad telling her that it hurts so much.

She tells her mum to stop and says that her dad is in pain.

Doctor John Ep08 12


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