flower of evil: 5 reasons why it’s worth watching!

Flower of Evil: 5 Reasons Why It’s Worth Watching!

What would you do if your perfect husband has been living a secret life this whole time? Flower of Evil is a suspense thriller about a husband who holds dark secrets, and a wife who’s slowly catching up to it. 

This drama has been one of the most successful ones released in 2020, marked by the excellent storyline and remarkable performance by Lee Joon Gi and Moon Chae Won. If you haven’t caught up with it yet, here are 5 reasons why you need to add this drama to your watchlist!

An interesting premise…

Baek Hee Seong (Lee Joon Gi) is a  metal craftsman who is married to Cha Ji Won (Moon Chae Won), who is a hard-hitting homicide detective. They are a perfect couple blessed with a lovable kid. 

flower of evil 2020

On the outside, Baek Hee Sung looks like the ideal husband. He is a hard-working man who is also a doting husband and father. What more can Cha Ji Won ask for?

However, secrets have a way of coming out eventually. 

Just as much as Cha Ji Won loves her family, she is also dedicated to her work. As a detective she dives deep into her cases with curiosity and determination for the quest of truth, unraveling mysteries and bringing criminals to justice. When Ji Won came across a case that was linked to a murder that occured years ago, she stumbles down a dark path which could shake the very foundation of her happy life. She is determined to bring this evil psychopath to justice, only to find that the criminal she is chasing may have been standing beside her all along!

It maintains the thrill up to the very end

flower of evil

Flower of Evil thrives on a thrilling plot that is imbued with the right amount of drama. 

From the get-go it was clearly established that Baek Hee Seong or Do Hyun Soo has led a difficult life and his father was a serial killer. He wants to put the past behind him, so he puts on a front to deceive his wife and daughter under a false identity. Throughout the drama, his past gets onto him only to reveal something even more heartbreaking.

The script truly shined and screenwriter Yoo Jung Hee delights viewers with twists and turns with subtle hints sprinkled here and there. They show glimpses of the past at the beginning of every new episode, which will give you a better insight and understanding of the characters. Instead of becoming boring halfway, like how other dramas go,  the story only became even more engaging. 

It lends a good story for those who enjoy theories. It runs on a constant thrilling pace with the  right cliffhangers that builds curiosity for succeeding episodes. It gets you invested in mystery as you try to decipher what just happened and find clues that could lead to the real accomplice.

The actors carried their part really well

flower of evil

This drama is by far one of Lee Joon Gi’s best works. Known for his visuals, Joon Gi is also insanely versatile when it comes to acting. 

He is easily convincing through his emotionless demeanor that you also feel his wife’s suspicions building up. Playing someone who had to put on a front surely displayed his range as an actor. The microinflections on his face and his body language holds so much control that he is freakishly convincing. 

Moon Chae Won has outdone herself for pulling off a challenging performance. Her acting is flawless and she creates beautiful on-screen chemistry with Joon Gi.

But they say a drama is as good as its villain and that’s definitely the case with this one, Kim Ji Hoon put out one of the best performances by a supporting actor in this series, leaving fans genuinely scared by his character. His transformation for the role was marvelous and the character he remarkably brought to life is pivotal to the whole narrative of this suspense melodrama. 

Overall, Flower of Evil introduces characters that are pertinent to the central storyline. 

It offers a love story that is not overbearing

The drama also explored marriage dynamics against the backdrop of a serial killing case. It holds its own charm as a love story that is not emotionally draining. It doesn’t involve third parties, rather, it highlights the bliss and pain of a mutually loving relationship.

Throughout the series we see how the loving relationship is put into question as suspicions grow. But it is apparent that the tenderness between Baek Hee Seong and Cha Ji Won remains. 

flower of evil lee joon gi

Despite all the incriminating evidence, Ji Won gathered against her husband, she still gives him the benefit of the doubt. Baek Hee Seong simply settled in the thought that no one is willing to help understand him. He became a total outcast making him think that he was really a monster like what everyone has been saying. 

But Ji Won’s heart believed in her husband, their love, and their family life. While the truth unfolded Ji Won’s ethics were tested, marriage was stressed, career almost crumbled, and yet she battled for her man, marriage, and family. 

It has good makjang elements

Some points of this drama would require you to suspend logic. But, it doesn’t undermine the flow of the story. Instead, it allows you to roll with extreme plot points and enjoy everything instead of questioning the story progression. It hits the right makjang pitch which makes it enjoyable to watch. 

The perfect music score to compliment the pace of the story

A drama is not complete without an original soundtrack to add more depth and emotion into every scene.. From the intro up to the end, the background music is spot on with the dual tone of the show. It has some tension-filled tracks and emotionally-driven music. 

Should you watch this drama?

Yes, this is a good drama to binge on if you love crime-solving thrillers that are fast-paced, fun, and dramatic. Even if you don’t know the actors, the drama is still fun to watch. The leads have the chemistry and skill to breathe life into this couple’s struggle under stressful circumstances.

Every episode in this drama is filled with mind-twisting puzzles that will keep your mind intrigued. Lee Joon Gi and Moon Chae Won’s chemistry offers a suspenseful and heart-wrenching ride in the search for truth. 

The love Hyun Soo showed for Ji Won was indeed the heart of the story. As the title suggests, deep love could still blossom even amid deception and tragedy. This shows that evil cannot last forever and it takes a beautiful flower to break the shackles of evil. 

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